RNC to Facebook, Twitter: Don’t ‘Suppress Conservative Voices’

RNC to Facebook, Twitter: Don’t ‘Suppress Conservative Voices’

RNC to Facebook, Twitter: Don’t ‘Suppress Conservative Voices’


Friday, Republican National Committee (NYSE) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the party is so concerned about social media companies filtering out conservative ideas and viewpoints ahead of the November midterms that it has reached out to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to share its concerns.

“We’ve seen in the history of Facebook there have been instances where they have changed the trending topics. They’ve suppressed conservative viewpoints, we have recently seen with Diamond and Silk that they suspended their account,” McDaniel said during a national TV interview

Ms. McDaniel said the GOP has contacted Facebook and Twitter to make sure their platforms remain open to ideas that span the political spectrum.

“We just preemptively wanted to go to Facebook and say, we want assurances that you won’t suppress conservative voices, that the Silicon Valley ‘thought police’ is not going to determine what voices filter through on their social media platform,” she said. “We sent a letter to Facebook and Twitter.”

Facebook has come under fire in recent years for excluding conservative news stories from its trending box. That prompted outrage from the right, followed by a meeting with Facebook and conservative media outlets to reassure them that the company is dedicated to letting all voices be heard.

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