RNC Out Raising and Out Strategizing ‘Bankrupt’ DNC

RNC Out Raising and Out Strategizing ‘Bankrupt’ DNC

RNC Out Raising and Out Strategizing ‘Bankrupt’ DNC

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer called a “surgically targeted operation” in the GOP’s “data and ground game” for its 2016 White House victory, and predicts it will crush Democrats in Y 2020.

Mr. Spicer noted that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has gone “effectively bankrupt” and “unable to fund the ground or data operations it needs to compete.”

“The 2016 election not only proved that mechanics matter, but also that the GOP is the only party making the proper investment in resources that will be critical for victory in 2020,” he wrote.

“It was Donald Trump and his message that won the 2016 election, but it was the Republican National Committee’s data and ground game that ensured his time and money were maximized,” he declared.

Mr. Spicer said the strategy was Key in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Michigan last year.

“What had been a scatter-shot approach to a group of potential voters in the past had become a surgically targeted operation for the Trump campaign,” he wrote.

The DNC, on the other hand, has been left in the dirt financially and tactically.

According to Mr. Spicer, who served as the GOP’s chief strategist and communications director during the Y 2016 election, the RNC invested more than $100-M in data and field operations aimed at helping candidates “up and down the ballot.”

And it has out-raised the DNC by more than $50_ this year, he said, “largely fueled by small-dollar donors.” In contrast, he says, the DNC has $7.1-M “and debt of almost $4-M.”

“Simply put, the DNC is not raising the money it needs to make Key investments and win elections,” he wrote.

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