RMSotheby’s (NYSE:BID) 1st Sale of 2019 Features 1957 Ferrari Coupe Speciale

RMSotheby’s (NYSE:BID) 1st Sale of 2019 Features 1957 Ferrari Coupe Speciale


Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) launched its Special Projects division 10 years ago, but it has a long history of crafting 1-off Supercars for discerning and extremely wealthy customers.

Friday evening, RMSotheby’s offered this 1957 250 GT Coupe Speciale s/n 0751GT as its Star, but it did not shine was a dud, bidding stopped at $7.5-M with a No Sale. RM’s pre-sale estimate for the rare 250GT was $11-M to $13-M.

This 1 off Ferrari was built for Princess Lilian de Réthy. The wife of King Leopold of Belgium.

Princess Lilian helped Ferrari at a Key time, when Pirelli suddenly dropped out as The Scuderia’s tire supplier. She arranged for Belgian rubber company Englebert to take Pirelli’s place, cementing a longstanding relationship between the Palace, Ferrari and Englebert Rubber.

And 2 years later, King Leopold and Princes Lilian ordered this special 250 GT to be coach-built by Pininafrina to their specifications, it is 1 of many they commission over the years. The supercar features elements from the Tour de France, the California Spyder, and the Series I Cabriolet.

The Princess took delivery at the royal estate in Waterloo in Y 1958, and drove it for 10 years on diplomatic plates. But after taking delivery of another, she gifted this one to an American doctor.

The car has traded hands many times since, appearing in a number of concours, books, and magazine features.

But this will mark the 1st time it will be offered for sale in 20 years.

RMSotheby’s estimated it will hammer for between $11-13-M when the gavel drops.

Note: The car is for sale, for more information click here please.

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