Rex Tillerson Undercut President Trump, Got Sacked

Rex Tillerson Undercut President Trump, Got Sacked

Rex Tillerson Undercut President Trump, Got Sacked

President Trump sacked Rex Tillerson on Twitter

Rex Tillerson got Fired as Secretary of State because he undercut US President Donald Trump on his dealing with NKorea, the  national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee (RNC) said.

“Rex Tillerson, as much as we thank him for his service, there are so many times he undermined the President.”

“When the president was talking tough on NKorea . . . about fire and fury and raining down on NKorea and doing that for a strategic purpose to get them to stop testing missiles – and it worked I would note – you’d have Tillerson who would come up from behind and . . . water it down, like ‘no, military options aren’t on the table.’

“And they seemed at odds at times. We cannot have that. We need a secretary of state that stands behind this President, stands behind his agenda, and will go in as an equal negotiating partner with the NKoreans and will amplify the president’s message.”

President Trump sacked Mr. Tillerson Wednesday and plans to replaced him with CIA chief Mike Pompeo.

Last week, President Trump said he was prepared to meet with NKorea’s boss Kim Jong Un in what would be the 1st face-to-face encounter between any leaders of the two countries. The summit could mark a major breakthrough in easing tensions over Kim’s nuclear weapons program.

Stay tuned…

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