Review: The Vintage & Classic Collector Car Market in 2017

Review: The Vintage & Classic Collector Car Market in 2017

Review: The Vintage & Classic Collector Car Market in 2017

Overall, the current collector car market is stable and rational, slightly favoring buyers over sellers in some categories. Just the opposite in the Tier 1 category of the most prominent marques and most certainty when it comes to 1-off and other prized examples.

All discerning buyers make sensible decisions at all times, as they are free from the feverish pressure of an ever-increasing market that has characterized transactions at various times in the past.

That is especially true outside of the public auction atmosphere and in the private treaty sector where the finest examples are exchanged.

Discerning buyers are always willing to pay significant premiums for Tier 1 cars as there are fewer and fewer of them available, there numbers are finite. And the prices have risen on average of 10.5% annually (cumulative) since Y 1995 according to our data.

Some of our Key barometers for the collector car market include: Ferrari 250/275/330/365, Mercedes 300S GW, pre-War Alfa Romeos,and some other significant sports cars of the 1950’s, 60’s, and early 70’s have become more difficult obtain than in the past, prices for the Tier 1 examples are ever expanding, as the world’s billionaires are increasing annually at a pace not seen before. And being a millionaire is not enough to afford 1 of these cars.

For many marques the market has always been cyclical, and a well researched and documented purchase in this area now may end up looking like a very savvy acquisition in a few years.

Values are strong for the right cars, and correctly priced examples regularly sell near or at their asking prices within reasonable frames.

At the Top end of the market there was an uptick in activity in Q-4 of Y 2017.

During this frame, Ferrari 250 Tour de France, SWB, and Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 made record prices subject to NDAs (Non Disclsure Agreements) aka private treaty transactions. Cars like these are never advertised, ever.

Some buyers and sellers are happy for their cars to receive publicity for their transactions, but our experience over the past 50 years in this field, we know that sales of significant cars for and to clients the rule, no exceptions, is privacy.

Further, the market in this sector is one of investment not speculation, which has the welcome effect of ensuring that more cars are trading between true enthusiasts who are passionate about cars and buy what we recommend for future appreciation.

We always recommend buying the best cars, and  buying the cars that inspire passion in the world’s car culture.

Have a terrific New Year!

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