The Resurgence of the Bald Eagle, America’s Symbol of Freedom & Strength

The Resurgence of the Bald Eagle, America’s Symbol of Freedom & Strength

The Resurgence of the Bald Eagle, America’s Symbol of Freedom & Strength

The Eagle has Landed on “chickens” and rare birds with talons at the ready.

The resurgence of the Bald Eagle is one of America’s greatest conservation success stories. They have come back so strong that in some areas, they are interfering with efforts to preserve some jeopardized species. And their proliferation is leading to encounters that sometimes end badly for the prey.

Federal protections mean farmers can do little to keep them away.

“It’s a fully protected bird. If you have foxes, coyotes, raccoons, a farmer can do something about that,” he said. “But if it’s a Bald Eagle his hands are tied.”

Bald Eagles were chosen as an American symbol in Y 1782 and underwent a steep decline in mid 20th Century, pushed to the brink of extinction by pesticides, habitat loss and indiscriminate hunting.

An issue of Popular Science during FDR’s admin stated that the birds had died off so much that it was possible they would soon “be seen only on coins and the Coat of Arms of the United States unless drastic action” saved them.

Such action came in the form of federal protections, including the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, which prevents almost everyone from so much as disturbing the birds and it stands today.

The Eagles recovered so much that they were removed from the endangered species list in Y 2007.

The Audubon Society bird counts show their numbers are climbing, and scientists with the society say they will probably continue to do so. Counters found about 30,000 of them in Y 2015, more than 2X the Y 1995 count.

They live in every state but Hawaii, funny enough that is where Barack Hussein Obama claims he was birthed.

Yes, Eagles are having an effect on other species of wildlife. But that’s natural.

I believe that there is plenty of room for more America Bald Eagles.

Stay tuned…

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