Restaurants in US Becoming Dog Friendly

Restaurants in US Becoming Dog Friendly

Restaurants in US Becoming Dog Friendly, But…

Most Americans do not want dogs in restaurants, bars, grocery stores and coffee shops

If you’re thinking that Sweden’s laissez-faire attitude about dogs in restaurants sounds delightfully refreshing, you are holding an unpopular opinion, even in a dog-loving nation like the USA

According to YouGov, an international market research firm, 76% of Americans are opposed to allowing dogs in restaurants and 71% oppose dogs in bars.

Other findings included the following:

  1. 58% oppose Dogs in malls
  2. 64% oppose Dogs in stores
  3. 68% oppose Dogs in grocery stores
  4. 72% oppose Dogs in fast food restaurants

Overall, some were slightly more favorable when it came to allowing dogs on public transportation; 47%  said dogs should be allowed on buses and subways.

The findings should not be translated to mean that Americans have grown disloyal toward “Man’s Best Friend” the survey also revealed that 70% of Americans say they like dogs “a lot.”

If you are planning to hit up dog-friendly businesses in your area, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the establishment about their pet policies before you arrive.

In addition, be sure your dog is well-mannered and calm, as dogs who bark, beg or get overly excited, fearful or aggressive are better off staying at home.

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