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Restaurant Etiquette in the Coronavirus Chaos Era: 10 New Rules


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Some restaurants are open again, but they are not quite like the restaurants back say 5 months ago. They have fewer customers due to social distancing rules that no longer allow diners to crowd together. In many cases, they also have more outdoor seating on patios or terraces if they have them, or on adjacent sidewalks, parking lots, or closed-off streets, weather permitting.

They have shorter, simpler menus, reflecting the smaller kitchen staffs necessitated by reduced income. And servers will almost certainly be wearing masks and possibly gloves, giving dining rooms at least a bit of a hospital-ward feeling.

Notwithstanding these differences, hopefully temporary, there is still something wonderful about going out to dine. Call it a sense of newfound freedom, call it optimism.

Because restaurants have changed, so has restaurant etiquette. Here are 10 rules to remember when you eat out in the coronavirus chaos era.

1. Make a reservation

2. Honor is and show up on time

3. Wear a mask and keep your distance

4. Keep your distance

5. Order everything at once

6. Do not expect perfect service

7. Keep the children at the table

8. Relax, have a good time, smile, though no 1 will see it.

9. Do not linger

10. Tip generously

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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