Republican Routs Democrat in Georgia’s Special US Congregational Election

Republican Routs Democrat in Georgia’s Special US Congregational Election

Republican Routs Democrat in Georgia’s Special US Congregational Election

Republican Karen Handel, 55 anni, has won a nationally watched Congressional election in Georgia

Her major victory Tuesday over Democrat Jon Ossoff, 30 anni, in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has the GOP victorious in an election recognized as the most expensive House race in US history, with a cost of about $50-M.

Yet the result in a historically conservative district reinforces the fact that that President Donald Trump’s standing is and will continue to dominate the upcoming campaign cycle.

Georgia’s outcome follows the same results seen in Montana, Kansas and South Carolina, where Republicans won Special House races by solid majorities if not landslides.

Ms. Handel becomes the latest in a line of Republicans who have represented the district since Y 1979, beginning with Newt Gingrich, who would become House speaker. She is the 1st woman in the history of the State of Georgia elected to the US Congress.

Rep Tom Price resigned the post in February to join The Trump’s Administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services (HSS).

Ms. Handel, a former Georgia Secretary of State, emphasized throughout the campaign that she has lived in the district for 25 years, unlike newcomer Ossoff, who grew up in the district but lives in Atlanta, a few miles south of the 6th District’s southern border.

Ms. Handel raise more than $5-M, a lot of money for a Congressional race, but just 18% of Mr. Ossoff’s fundraising take.

On national policy

Congresswoman Handel is aligned with the GOP’s  leaders.

The national Democrats are crushed, on this referendum for President Donald Trump.

Stay tuned…

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