Remote Spot in the South Pacific for a Terrific Vacation

Remote Spot in the South Pacific for a Terrific Vacation

Remote Spot in the South Pacific for a Terrific Vacation

The beautiful Le Meridien hotel in Isle of Pines, a tiny island in New Caledonia, west of Fiji such a spot

The little-known Isle of Pines is 1 of several islets 800 miles west of Fiji in French-governed New Caledonia, feels removed from everything on Earth

Think unspoiled white sand beaches that you pretty much have to yourself. explaining that there are only 2,000 inhabitants on the island—and very strict restrictions on development.

Besides sailing, snorkeling, diving, and hiking, vacationers enjoy swimming in a pristine natural tidal pool in Oro Bay. It was surrounded by coral cliffs and chock-full of tropical fish, and is like being in the tank at the National Aquarium.

Getting to the Isle of Pines is not easy.

From New York or Los Angeles you have to fly to Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, which requires a few connections, and a full 24 hrs of flying.

But if you happen to be in Sydney, it’s much quicker

Daily direct flights take just 3 hrs from there. Then, from Noumea, take the 2-hr ferry ride to Isle of Pines, where you can check into the very beautiful Le Meridien hotel, it has just 48 rooms and bungalows on the east side of the island, right near Oro Bay.

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