Remembering 9/11 15 Years Later

Remembering 9/11 15 Years Later

Remembering 9/11 15 Years Later

Fifteen years ago today, sitting at my desk, I received a call from a business associate, “have you got your TV on?” he asked. I did not, so I turned it on to see a commercial airline fly directly into 1 of the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan, it was 9:04a EDT


I could not watch it. I had friends that worked and died there. It was a very sad day then, it is a sad day today.

Today, many of the prominent 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies for the Y 2001 terrorist attack have something missing. That being there will be no naming of Islamic radicalism as the motivation and the instrument of the murder of thousands of innocent people on that September morning 15 years ago.

It is significant and disturbing that in the official 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies across our nation, it what Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton considers “Islamophobic” to name Islamic Radicalism as the reason for that terrible loss of life and property.

The Big Q: What has happened here?

No where in my lifetime have I heard a commemoration of a major event with mentioning the surrounding facts:

  1. The iceberg is prominent in the  sinking of the Titanic without mentioning the iceberg.
  2. We do not talk about the Civil War without mentioning slavery.
  3. The attack of our Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor always mentions Japanese Admiral Tojo.
  4. D-Day remember Adolph Hitler prominently

But here today as America and the world remembers the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on American soil there is no mention of  who attacked us.

There is a answer to this Why Question. And it is troubling.

For the most part American citizens are allowing the elite political establishment to hold 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies across the country hostage to PC, aka political correctness.

ISIS is our sworn enemy, and PC has captured and corrupted our national recognition of both our loss and a war that we are fighting.

Across our country, there will be flyovers, and church bells chiming commemorating the 9/11 victims, and special recognition of the over 400 firefighters and law enforcement officers who died at the World Trade Center.


But, there will be no mention of any federal, state or local officials of the identities or motivations of the 19 terrorists who attacked our nation that day, or of the continuing jihad (holy war) waged against America and other western nations by Radical Islam.

The Remembrance ceremonies across the nation will be a recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of our military and our 1st responders, that is terrific, as we give thanks for their ultimate sacrifices.

But on this Remembrance Day, any mention of the reason for this event, the reason we gather in solemn remembrance, some elite people believe it in bad taste to utter a word about Radical Islam’s terrorism.

The rationalization is that it could spoil the festive (it should read solemn) atmosphere by reminding people of who killed thousands of Americans 15 years ago and who continue to plot massacres, while America celebrates the healing powers of diversity.

Our human rights are threatened by terrorism, but the progressives are silent on terrorism. They prefer entertainment Rock & Roll bands,

“Making some Americans uncomfortable by the mention of Islamist Radicalism is a small price to pay compared to the price our military and 1st responders are asked to pay every day of their lives.”

Some students and urban Millennials demand that we love all mankind and all religions equally. Can you imagine how uncomfortable any one of them would be having to rush into burning buildings, confronting an Islamist Terrorist armed with a “Suicide Belt, or the parents of a soldier or Marine killed in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, an Islamist terrorist army well known for its celebration of tyranny and havoc?

Radical Islam should be mentioned as the culprit in our Remembrance of the heroes and victims of the 9/11 attacks, if it make some people uncomfortable, so be it.

I believe what we need to recognize and understand that the Islamic Radical enemy is operating in every major city this September Sunday as we Remember 9/11 2001.

Hillary Clinton would bunch me up with her “deplorables”, but then again I do not like her either.

Have a terrific day.


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