Refugee Crisis: A Chilling Warning from French Mayor

Refugee Crisis: A Chilling Warning from French Mayor

Refugee Crisis: A Chilling Warning from French Mayor

‘Those who can kill us are inside our cities, we must remain vigilant’ – French mayor

Police in Paris are investigating a possible terror attack near the Louvre, after a man wielding a machete assaulted a soldier.

The attacker was said to have cried out “Allahu Akbar,” Michel Cadot, the head of the French capital’s police force, told reporters.

The French PM said “this was clearly a terror attack”.

The mayor of Maisons-Laffitte and French National Assembly member Jacques Myard said:

“We have two threats: the threat coming from abroad and of course this is a question of how we control our frontiers. This is a failure of Schengen. And we have also a threat inside France because we have a large community of Muslims.”

“Not all Muslims are radicals. But we have spotted that over 10,000 of those Islamists can be radicals. What happened this morning, it shows really that the threat is inside, and of course you cannot have 100 percent security everywhere,” he said.

According to Myard, “it is necessary to be vigilant. Every citizen should alert the police every time he sees something wrong. You cannot really prevent anything. This is impossible… This is a question of minute and seconds vigilance. People have to be aware that we are at war and that the people who can kill us are inside our cities.”

Alain Corvez, a former adviser to the French Defense and Interior Ministries, told RT: “The main Muslim population in France is a population which is integrated and which lives normally. There is in some areas of the big cities in different parts of France there is a population which is very much interested and seduced by this propaganda of ISIS. There people, for different reasons, agree with fighting against the French people…”

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