Refugee Crime Sprees in France, Germany and Australia

Refugee Crime Sprees in France, Germany and Australia

Refugee Crime Sprees in France, Germany and Australia

In Germany

Commenting on yet another rape by refugees, which has shocked German society and provoked yet another wave of criticism against the German government’s migration policy, Widmann-Mauz said that “the perpetrators should be brought to justice and severely punished.”

“We are dealing with an abominable crime. Anyone, who comes to our country and commits such crimes must be deported,” she said. The gang rape took place in mid-October. The prime suspect, who was identified as a Syrian asylum seeker, met his victim in a nightclub and added some kind of “knockout substance” into her drink.

The man then dragged the woman into nearby bushes and raped her, according to the prosecutors. The perpetrator also returned to the club and “called his friends,” who then committed the gang rape. So far, police have arrested eight suspects in connection with the case, however, this number might yet reach 15, according to German media.

The incident has sparked a wave of public indignation as people particularly decried the authorities’ inaction in the face of a growing number of crimes allegedly committed by foreigners; many also claim that the “multiculturalist” policies of the government are to blame for what had happened.

The German media also received its share of criticism over what some described as inadequate coverage of the incident. “No, Tagesschau, that is not how it works today. [You] dedicated only a small note to the rape in Freiburg but issued a minutes-long video report about some ‘trumpets in rental apartments.’ Intention? Importance? In such a way, the media like you unfortunately provide a distorted picture,” a person wrote on Twitter, referring to a news show aired by the German public broadcaster, ARD.

In France

A call for a violent Halloween night “purge” sparked a crime spree in the suburbs of Paris. Inspired by the dystopian films in which all crime is legal for one night, hundreds of revelers looted and pillaged the French suburbs.

Police say messages circulating on social media, calling for a “purge” against the authorities, were responsible for the violence, including robberies and assaults on cops. Roving gangs of masked youths attacked one officer with acid and looted several shops, breaking windows and setting trash cans on fire.

Such outbreaks of suburban violence are nothing new in France. Refugee gangs in depressed French suburbs have been taking to the streets on New Year’s Eve and Bastille Day since at least the early 1990s to torch cars and raise a ruckus. The French do not traditionally celebrate Halloween.

In Australia

Gangs of of Muslim African Gangs, that according to the media do not exist went on a crime spree in Melbourne yet again.

One of the African Gangs carjacked a woman and then went on a violent bashing and shoplifting rampage across Melbourne, in another incident a group of chefs were attacked and left with serious injuries.

African criminals in Melbourne are rarely prosecuted and if they are the weak judicial system sends a message to the community that is ok for them to behave in such a way.

Australia’s left-wing media refuses to acknowledge the existence of the gangs but the situation is now out of control.

The media lies to the people and are in part responsible for the attacks and the rapidly growing number of refugees being brought to Australia.

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