Recipes to Become an Extraordinary Real Estate Agent

Recipes to Become an Extraordinary Real Estate Agent

Want to take money orders and earn a six-figure salary in real estate? Quickly discover the advice of Mike Ferry, American guru of real estate and learn by heart!

A winning mindset, a constant updating of skills, a solid and permanent work program … these are the ingredients of success according to the Ferry Method.

As Mike Ferry says “We know how to help real estate agents who want to make millions and how to sell them hundreds of properties every year,”. If this is your wish, it is up to you to identify the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal and overcoming them once and for all. Working in real estate is an exciting journey, full of surprises that can sometimes be a little scary, but if the race for money is your goal, this race may well become the most important of your life … “.

Be tenacious

When working with people who sell and buy real estate, perseverance is required. Be steadfast and show the customer (seller or buyer) that the service they get from trusting you will live up to their expectations and better than the competition. Memorize the five specific reasons that make you the best real estate agent in your industry.

Be convincing

You cannot get great results without being irreproachable with the customer, so be very thorough, ask the right questions, give detailed answers, and have an overwhelming enthusiasm!

Be uncompromising on the agenda

The rule is simple: as long as we do not respect the timetable we set ourselves, the chances of our productivity improving are getting smaller. That’s why compliance with tasks and deadlines must become your priority: make sure you spend 75% of your time on productive activities.

Prepare your appointments carefully

The appointment is a crucial moment, the indispensable step towards signing the contract. Give it all the importance it deserves and, to be certain of reaching a maximum productivity threshold, aim for one per day.

Work your flair

It is up to you to understand market, and especially the region where you are active. Some areas are necessarily more promising than others. It’s up to you to explore and focus your efforts on the most visible neighborhoods, without wasting energy trying to value others.

Maintain regular contact with the customer

It is essential to maintain a weekly contact with the customers who entrusted you with the sale of their property in order to keep them informed of the progress of the operations. You will be sure to meet their needs throughout the transaction.

Maintain your network with the customer

If you want former clients or members of your influence networks to account for 30% of your annual turnover, try to keep in touch with them at least six times a year. A conversation with a former customer is never wasted!

Cultivate a positive state of mind

Be sure to maintain a positive state of mind and put aside your problems. In the world of work today, combining a strong and positive state of mind with a relaxed and smiling attitude towards the customer is more than ever necessary. Do not underestimate the importance of a strong and determined mind.

Be reliable

Reliability must be your ally every day. Make sure that your colleagues, your hierarchy, your clients, your contacts, your family circle, and yourself see you as a trustworthy person. It can always be helpful to listen to your loved ones: they will undoubtedly put you in your place quite frankly if you have unreliability.

Do not believe in miracles

No need to think that those who succeed have succeeded with a simple magic wand! Only hard work pays off, and working hard means:

  • prospecting the market,
  • turning contacts into customers,
  • targeting customers,
  • planning work,
  • having a good sales pitch
  • and managing appointments.

And continue this momentum day after day.

Prospect every day

Prospecting is not a trifle, on the contrary! It deserves the same level of attention and commitment as the sales pitch, visiting an apartment with a potential buyer or targeting customers. Prospect daily. The goal is simple: devote each day a little of your time to the prospection of interesting contacts. Finding a good contact, a day is enough and guarantees a considerable increase in your income.

Build a good network

Every day, you must work to consolidate your market share. Do not wait until the economic climate is back to normal or the real estate sector is recovering. Be proactive and do not put this objective on the hypothetical day when the media will announce an improvement.

Know how to move on to the next

No need to want to make all or half of your contacts new customers. Be professional first, do your homework seriously, and if a client refuses to sign, go to the next.

Work hard

Develop your self-confidence, your sense of professional commitment, your willingness to intensify your activities and improve yourself constantly: nothing impresses a salesman or a buyer more than a person who believes in his work and does it well.

One word of order: Contacts

To get your business off the ground, there’s no need to complicate your life. The idea is simple: your daily program should include the following three tasks: prospecting, getting new contacts and monitoring customers. Then, growth will come alone.

Carry out each task safely

Each sale entrusted to you must be completed. By working in this way, you will offer your client a quality service, you will demonstrate professionalism and you will ensure your income. Ensure that every day all the conditions are met for a property to be sold immediately or as soon as possible.

Get back in touch

Do not forget to get in touch six times a year with your networks of influence or your old customers. This is your guarantee that 30% of your sales will come from these relationships. Like what, it can always be useful to master the public speaking and to renew the dialogue.

Be enthusiastic and smiling

Try to put enthusiasm in your professional life and smile. Customers appreciate having to deal with people who like their work and show it. Nothing like an enthusiastic approach.

Target your customers

No need to develop a sales pitch until you have properly identified the needs of the seller or buyer.

Be early

Make sure your morning program (from 8 am to 1 pm) is well charged and scrupulously respect the order of appointments. Avoid one or the other setback that upsets that part of the day that is the most important and conditions the rest of your schedule. Every morning, be sure to get off to a good start and remember a positive event the night before.

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