Really Big News from NASA

Really Big News from NASA

Really Big News from NASA

Tuesday’s news out of NASA is really big news

NASA says it has found evidence of 10 new Earth-size planets that could have life

The Kepler Space Telescope Team just announced the discovery of 219 potential planets. It is the most comprehensive catalog of exoplanets from the telescopes 1st 4 years of searching he stars.

Of the 219 new candidates, 10 are close to the size of Earth and are in their star’s habitable zone, dubbed the “Goldilocks Zone” of their solar system. Which means there are 10 new places we could find life.

Scientists are saying the presence of liquid water found on these Earth-like planets could be a key ingredient for the existence of life

“Are we alone?

Maybe Kepler today has told us indirectly, although we need confirmation, that we are probably not alone,” a Kepler program scientist, said at a news conference.

Apart from just finding planets, Kepler has also discovered that there are 2 distinct groups of small planets.

There is also a division in the Earth-sized planets and gaseous planets like Jupiter.

The good news is: Kepler will continue its search in new parts of the galaxy to further our search for possible life on other planets.

Stay tuned…


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