A Really Amateur Driver Crashes Out Risi Ferrari At Le Mans

A Really Amateur Driver Crashes Out Risi Ferrari At Le Mans

A Really Amateur Driver Crashes Out Risi Ferrari At Le Mans


If you thought you could take a break from the unfair realities in the politics in a day of racing, you cannot.

There is no Justice

Take this case today in  2 Hours of Le Mans race, where #82 Risi Competizione Ferrari got taken out of Le Mans by an absolutely stupid avoidable crash by a rank amateur.

Risi is the Ferrari team responsible for last year’s epic Ford GT Vs. Ferrari battle at Le Mans. That rivalry is still full onm and Risi was keen this year to win.

So was horrid to see them out just over 5 hours into a this iconic 24-hour race.

Here is what happened

Pierre Kaffer was passing a slower Ferrari going into a chicane on the Mulsanne Straight when the faster # 28 TDS Racing driven by Matthieu Vaxiviere came up behind him and moved on Mr. Kaffer’s inside. As Mr. Vaxiviere moved to pass Risi, he stupidly drove right into the Ferrari, sending # 82 into the wall, putting it our of the race..

The # 28 sat in 12th place at the time, there was no reason to make such a risky move.

Fortunately, Mr. Kaffer was able to get out of the car, Risi Competizione’s race engineer said their car was done as a result.

“It was an amateur error on the LMP2’s part. And it took us out of the race,” said Risi Competizione race engineer Rick Mayer said.

The untimely stupid crash brought out a lengthy slow zone as Marshals cleaned up the debris left behind by Risi’s hammered to death Ferrari.

The incident is under investigation for now, as per race director Eduardo Freitas.

But, this really dumb chain of events is proof positive that it is terrible that the driver who caused of the crash was only lightly damaged and gets to continue, but the guy he straight-up drove into cannot, I expect #28 to be severely penalized of its driver stupidity.

Up Date: Car # 28, which still has Mr. Vaxiviere behind the wheel, has just been handed a 7-minute Stop & Go penalty for the avoidable contact with the #82 Ferrari, that’s 2 laps.

Hang on, might he have done it on purpose?

See you again next year Risi.



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