The Real Qs: Why Was Gen. Flynn Recorded, By Who, and Who Leaked It?

The Real Qs: Why Was Gen. Flynn Recorded, By Who, and Who Leaked It?

The Real Qs: Why Was Gen. Flynn Recorded, By Who, and Who Leaked It?

Apart from what our former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn (Ret) said, what we want to know how and why Gen. Flynn’s conversation with a Russian Ambassador ever saw the light of day in the 1st instance.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, (R:CA) plans to pose that question to the FBI.

“I expect for the FBI to tell me what is going on, and they better have a good answer,” Mr. Nunes said. “The big problem I see here is that you have an American citizen who had his phone calls recorded.”

Then leaked, that is a crime.

Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, resigned late Monday night because of the the nature and timing of his calls with the Russian ambassador to the US being made public.

Those recordings led the Justice Department to warn the White House that Gen. Flynn had misled the President et al and could be vulnerable to blackmail attempts by the Russians.

Though Russians’ calls are routinely recorded, it’s unclear if Gen. Flynn was being monitored by intelligence agencies without his knowledge or official government approval that requires a judge’s order.

While Mr. Nunes is concerned with the how, ranking Senate Republicans are calling for investigations into what exactly Gen. Flynn discussed with the Russians.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said that he would support an investigation of the administration’s Russian ties in order to “get all of this behind us.

The Really Big Q: Who in the US government’s intellegence community has set our to undermine the Trump Administration?

Stay tuned…


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