The Real Hillary “Missy” Clinton Presides Over A Party of Hate

The Real Hillary “Missy” Clinton Presides Over A Party of Hate

The Real Hillary “Missy” Clinton Presides Over A Party of Hate

America better than Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton 69 anni, is a former US Senator from New York and the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential Election.

She has been the subject of 2 criminal investigations by the Obama Justice Department for improper handling of national security and defense information (closed) and public corruption charges in pay-to-play schemes as Secretary of State and influence peddling through donations to the Clinton Foundation (open).

If indicted, tried and convicted, she may face prison and be permanently barred from holding public office.

According to financial disclosure statements she has served uninterruptedly as Secretary/Treasurer of the Clinton Family Foundation since 2001.

She is the wife of former US President Bill Clinton who was impeached in a sexual harassment scandal.

She is an elitist, liberal, pro-abortion advocate, supports the death penalty, federal funding for embryotic stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, and civil unions.

In the primary season Bernie Sanders supporters saw exactly what Clintonism is and what rs. Clinton and surrogates are famous for-accusing your opponent with a straight face of the malfeasance and lack of ethics you yourself are guilty of. As the challenge from Bernie Sanders became more fierce, when Hillary needed the Sanders supporters more than ever, Hillary reached out to the big money donors who supported Jeb Bush saying, “I represent your values.”

Hillary’s chameleon like ability to adapt and survive is not based on a belief that people are good and willing to forgive, rather that they are stupid and forgetful. Her willingness to portray herself as a socio-pathological liar in front of a nation is intended to be divisive, to pit neighbor against neighbor, to set at odds people of goodwill and those who are guided by emotion, prejudice, and stereotype.

The pattern is detectable, recognizable and familiar.

Mrs. Clinton ‘talking points’ are always shaped by focus groups, a process of distilling Key buzzwords and phrases from sit-down discussions with small, usually uninformed groups of voters.

“Clintonism” consists of accusing your opponent of what you yourself are culpable of, laughing at or denying accusations of wrongdoing, dismissing evidence within 24 hours as ‘old news’, and exhorting the media and country to ‘move on’ with nothing ever being resolved.

The scandals have stacked up, and since leaving the White House in Y 2001, and accrued into hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton’s personal fortune.

It has been reported that As a young woman Hillary Rodham told classmates her ambition was to marry a Senator.

She was a solid Goldwater Republican; Senator Barry Goldwater was one of 6 Republicans who voted against the Republican party leadership and joined 21 Southern Democrat segregationists to vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Hillary has since on many occasions when speaking to African-American audiences made the claim that she has been inspired by Martin Luther King since she heard him speak in Y 1962.

Senator Goldwater was considered an extremist at the time Hillary was an enthusiastic supporter and in Y 1964, responded to critics without denying the label, saying, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”  Hillary since then routinely calls all political opponents or anyone with diverse opinions from her as an ‘extremist’, essentially equating people with legitimate opposing views with terrorists.

As a young woman at Wellesley College she considered which of a “smorgasbord of personalities” she wanted to be, she asked “Can you be a misanthrope and still love or enjoy some individuals?”.

A misanthrope – a hater of humanity, is opposite of a philanthrope – a lover of humanity.

But it also can be understood in a sexual sense; a misogynist is a woman-hater, and a misanthrope is a man-hater.

As a college sophomore she surely understood it refers to an antisocial personality.

David Maraniss, while promoting a book based upon personal interviews during the Clinton’s first term, broached the subject of the Clinton’s remaining active in electoral politics beyond Mr. Clinton’s presidency suggesting one or the other, or both, running for the Senate.

Impeachment made it improbable for Mr. Clinton, but when Hillary entered the fray in Y 2000, it was no secret their eyes were on the White House in Y 2008 and Hillary was declared “inevitable” by media surrogates and supporters.

Then by Y 2007 when the junior US Senator for Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama publicly challenged the notion, Mrs. Clinton’s  surrogates such as Media Matters once again began revising the narrative to attack Obama and Clinton critics.

Hillary Clinton’s Y 2008 campaign team began spreading Islamophobic rumors that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim schooled in a madrassa as a child in Indonesia.

Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal, working through his son, Max Blumenthal, was the origin of the rumors that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim in order to stir up fear among the electorate which was intended to work to Hillary’s benefit.

Upon being elected to the United States Senate in Y 2000 Hillary Clinton was declared the inevitable successor to George W. Bush by Clinton mainstream media and pundits.

The Democratic Party however was happy to nominate somebody other than whom media sycophants and surrogates anointed, Barack Hussein Obama.

She eventually conceded and was given the job of Secretary of State. This was intended to add foreign policy experience to her résumé, a weakness of the 2 previous US Presidents.

After being rejected for the top leadership of her party in Y 2008, Hillary Clinton tenaciously held onto a quest for power, releasing her convention delegates and being granted the position of Secretary of State.

Neither Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, or George W. Bush were qualified in the area of foreign affairs, but in the Democratic party a resume that includes reforming Arkansas public schools, receiving an appointment based upon nepotism to squander tens of millions of dollars for a federal healthcare study program that never took shape, or serving as a non-distinct US Senator with no tangible accomplishments qualifies a person to hold a high level position in a time of international crisis that neither they, nor their boss, understand anything about.

‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ was US President Obama’s instructions to Hillary, the mantra being that George W. Bush was ‘stupid’, and therefore anything that departed from the policies of G.W. Bush was ‘smart’.

From this evolved Hillary’s doctrine of ‘smart power’, overthrowing regimes with weapons supplied by donors to the Clinton Foundation without putting U.S. boots on the ground and unleashing millions of refugees worldwide.

All this ‘smart power’ needed a formal name; in recent decades several President’s had ‘doctrines’ named after themselves – the Nixon Doctrine, the Carter Doctrine, the Bush Doctrine; Bill Clinton was cheated, he never had any interest in foreign policy and little impact, so now it was time for a ‘Clinton Doctrine’, that is, the ‘Hillary Clinton Doctrine’ formulated by a Secretary of State that she could ride into the White House with.

Thus began the quest to overthrow a US ally as a favor to foreign donors to the Clintons. President Obama woke up too late to see how he had been used and manipulated to bring about a massive humanitarian crisis, and the damage Hillary Clinton’s machinations have done to his Presidency and Legacy.

All in all, the Team of President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton has been a disaster for the world.

Teaming up support for the 2016 Presidential election as loyal Democrats is a farce; they already are blaming each other for the hundreds of thousands dead, and the 2,000,000 refugees who have flooded across Europe just since Y 2014. And they will continue to blame each other in their memoirs.

A skeptic may say it does not matter, Middle Easterners do not vote in US elections; but a skeptic might also have no problem voting for a leader with no conscience.

The world is now in the midst of a serious displaced persons refugee crisis, the most serious since the end of World War II in Y 1945.

And today, Hillary R “Missy” Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the US Presidential election in November.

Note: I have citations for every fact in the above expose.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for continued world chaos.

Paul Ebeling

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