The Rarest, Expensive Classic & Vintage Cars Sold At Auction

The Rarest, Expensive Classic & Vintage Cars Sold At Auction

The Rarest, Expensive Classic & Vintage Cars Sold At Auction


 1962 SHELBY 260 COBRA “CSX 2000”, $13.750-M


1939 ALFA ROMEO 8C 2900B LUNGO SPIDER, $19.8-M

1931 BUGATTI ‘TYPE 41’ ROYALE KELLNER COUPE, $20,343,468 (adjusted for inflation), SOLD IN 1987 FOR $9.7 MILLION


The car was sold over 20 years ago. We wonder what it would cost if it ever went up for auction again. The enormous 15-foot masterpiece of a car is one of only 6 ever built. Ettore Bugatti originally planned to build 25 units and sell them to royalty. But none of the the 6 Royales were ever sold to any royals. This particular car is straight out of Ettore’s personal collection, as it was preserved in a garage on his estate, surviving WWII behind a protective wall.

1954 MERCEDES W196, $29,967,886


Raced by 5X World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, it won a number of Grand Prixs and sold for a then world record price during the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed auction in Y 2013. The 2.5 litre straight-8ht single-seater, with chassis # 00006/54, won the 1954 German and Swiss Grand Prix races in Juan Manuel Fangio’s hands.

1957 FERRARI 335 SPORT SCAGLIETTI, $35,807,096


The descendant of the 315 S, the 335 S made its debut at the 1957 Mille Miglia with Alfonso De Portago at the wheel. The 335 S raced the Le Mans 24 hour, turning in the fastest lap at an average of over 120 mph.

1962 FERRARI 250 GTO, $38,115,000


The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is to date the most valuable car to be sold at public auction. It fetched its $38,115,000 sale price at Bonhams’ 2014 Quail Lodge Auction (pictured above) in Carmel, California. The 250 GTO is 1 of  36 of the sportscar/racers built by Ferrari in the early 1960’s.

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