Rare, it is Snowing on Mother’s Day in the Northeast

Rare, it is Snowing on Mother’s Day in the Northeast

Mother’s Day weekend got off to a rare snowy start in the Northeast Saturday thanks to the polar vortex bringing cold air down from the North.

Some higher elevation areas in northern New York and New England reported snowfall accumulations of up to 10 ins, while traces of snow were seen along the coast from Maine to Boston to as far South as Manhattan.

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said parts of northern New England saw as much as 10 ins of snow and even coastal areas of Maine and New Hampshire got a dusting. There were even reports of flurries in Boston.

“We have had several inches in many areas in the Northeast. This is a rare May snow event,” he said.

Have a healthy Mother’s Day, Keep the Faith!

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