Rampage Shooting Will Not Stop Annual GOP Vs DEMs Baseball Game

Rampage Shooting Will Not Stop Annual GOP Vs DEMs Baseball Game

Rampage Shooting Will Not Stop Annual GOP Vs DEMs Baseball Game

The US Lawmakers will Play the Game Thursday

The annual Congressional Baseball Game, which dates to Y 1909 and is a Summertime tradition on Capitol Hill, will be played  Thursday despite Wednesday’s shooting at the GOP squad’s practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

It’s an annual tradition in a game played for bragging rights and to benefit several charities. It’s also an example of bipartisanship in Washington.

The game has gone big time in recent years and has been played at Nationals Park, just a few blocks from the Capitol.

“We do it for really 3 reasons. We do it for fellowship amongst ourselves. We do it for charity,” said Rep. Joe Barton, (R-TX), the longtime GOP manager. “We raise a lot of money for three charities. And we do it because we like to play baseball and try to recapture a little bit of our youth. It’s a positive thing. Of all the things Congress does, this is one of the most benign, positive activities.”

“It’s a good way raise money for charity and for members to get to know each other,” said Rep. Cedric Richmond, (D-LA)., whose election in Y 2010 upended the competitive balance of the annual event. Mr. Richmond played baseball in college and kicked off his congressional career with a one-hitter in Y 2011 and has been the game’s dominant player pretty much since then.

Last year Democrats lost the game 8-7, ending a 7-game winning streak

 Stay tuned…
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