Racing Returns to Singapore on January 1 2018

Racing Returns to Singapore on January 1 2018

Racing Returns to Singapore on January 1 2018

Singapore have a big year of racing in 2018, the prize money has risen and the quality of racing continues to improve.

From Australia Knightsbridge plan on at least 3 horses in the first half of 2018 with the first horse arriving in January.

If you have always wanted to own a well-bred quality racehorse and be directly involved with a top stable, then purchasing a share in one of our Singapore Syndicates is the perfect way to fulfill all your ownership dreams.

Owning a racehorse can be expensive, that is why syndicates have been developed to allow enthusiastic owners an opportunity to be involved in very promising racehorses at a more affordable level. Another advantage of joining a partnership is being able to spread your risk. Rather than buying a horse outright you can purchase a number of shares in different horses giving you more opportunities to go racing and have winners!

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You know the feeling of excitement and nervous anticipation when you go racing. The atmosphere around the parade ring, the famous people, the horses eager to race, the enthusiastic crowd and the sensation of cheering home the horse you have backed. Well, can you imagine the euphoria if you actually owned that horse? It is an experience that is difficult to express in words but one you will never ever forget.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to experience this emotion for yourself by purchasing a share in a syndicate in Singapore, an easy and beneficial way for you to become a racehorse owner.

A simple fixed monthly payment covers all training and racing expenses, so you know exactly how much ownership is going to cost. Also, we take care of all the administration, leaving you to enjoy all the privileges of being a racehorse owner.

At present there are roughly 1400 horses in Singapore. Boasting state of the art facilities, world leading veterinary hospital and industry professionals where at the top of their respective country/province premierships.

Some key points on Racing in Singapore

  • All the horses are trained at the Singapore Turf Club.
  • There is a standard training fee of SG $2 850.00 per horse (ex-Veterinary)
  • At present there are roughly 1400 horses in Singapore.
  • We race on Friday Nights and Sunday Afternoons
  • Racing takes place on two surfaces – The turf track & Polytrack
  • There are 8 Group 1 races per year and from 2018 the minimum value will be SG $1 Million and upwards.
  • Owners receive rebates per runner (SG $900) as long as you don’t finish first or 2nd last or last. This aids training fees.
  • A maiden is worth SG $75 000 and first place is 48% of that stake – this will cover a years training fees.
  • Malaysia is a market that we sell horses to, similar to PE and Kimberely.
  • An average horse will pay its way here.

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