Own a Race Horse for $300

Own a Race Horse for $300

Exclusive Opportunity

The Terry Evans Platinum Club provides you with the Exclusive Opportunity to own a share in a race horse, bred by and specially chosen to be trained by Terry Evans. Terry’s proven record of training champion horses has placed him at the forefront of provincial horse racing in Australia.

Your membership into Terry Evans Racing’s Platinum Club will let you become part of the experience of racing with Terry Evans knowledge guiding you every step of the way, providing confidence, structure and years of knowledge and integrity all at a very low financial commitment.

This is your opportunity to share in the wisdom and experience that is the Terry Evan’s philosophy, a proven winning formula providing you with the opportunity to feel the excitement of a horse owner as your horse lines up at the start. Feel the adrenaline as you hear the thunder of your horse race towards the finish line.

To find out how you can share in this amazing opportunity please read on.

The Terry Evans Philosophy

Terry Evans is well respected as a trainer and has earned himself a solid reputation for delivering champion horses to racing in Australia. What sets Terry Evans apart from other trainers is his unique philosophy around horse training and his relationship with the horses he trains.

Even to those unfamiliar with horses it is very clear that Terry shares a special bond with the horses he trains, it is almost as though he knows a secret language that enables him to communicate with his horses, is he a horse whisperer? We believe it goes much deeper than that, Terry understands each horse individually, he knows that every horse is unique and has different requirements, he is sensitive to their needs and knows how to get them to respond.

It’s clear that Terry has an enormous amount of respect for his horses and this is evident in the lifestyles his horses live, from weekly beach trips and acupuncture treatments to specially formulated diets, its almost as though Terry Evans horses are guests at a five star resort.

Terry believes that the wellbeing of a horse is paramount to their success on the track and with the number of champions delivered by Terry Evans Racing who are we to disagree?


“Anyone looking for a trainer that can really get a horse right, Terry Evans – I would never be frightened to suggest him to train a race horse”

Gary Kliese
Former Leading Jockey
Sky Racing Presenter

“I can say from personal experience that the place to start in owning a race horse is with Terry Evans Racing”

Andrew Voss
NRL Commentator
Television Personality

Meet Your Horse “WARNIE”

Warnie, a Colt is a yearling, sired from a horse named “TICKETS”.
The dam is named “VERREKEEN”, Terry trained VERREKEEN and she has won races at Gosford, Wyong, Hawkesbury and in the city at Warwick Farm.
“VERREKEEN” was a horse that raced over longer distances.

Your entry into the Terry Evan’s Racing Platinum Club will see you own a share in 50% of “WARNIE”.


Can I cease my membership at any time? Yes, you can cease your membership at anytime however your membership fee is non refundable.

Are there other costs involved other than my initial membership? No, not in the first year.

What does a membership cost? A membership is $300 a year.

Are vet bills covered? Yes for the first twelve months.

Am I paid a share of winnings? Yes, as a Platinum Club Member you will receive an equal share of all winnings.

When can I see my horse? Anytime by appointment.

Will I be able to watch my horse race? Yes, you will be advised of all races your horse will take part in.

How long is my membership for? Your membership is billed yearly and continues for the life of the horse or while ever you are a financial member.

Secure Your Place In The Platinum Club Today

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