Quam IR Awards in Hong Kong

Quam IR Awards in Hong Kong

Quam IR Awards in Hong Kong

The award presentation ceremony of Quam IR Awards 2016 (QIRA) successfully took place on 25 May, 2017 at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Business elites of the awarded listed companies received the distinction, shared their joy at the ceremony. Eminent figures from the business community and notable guests supported the event and exchanged the ideas of excellent investor relations.

Stepping into its second year
Quam IR Awards recognizes excellent investor relations
Since Quam IR Awards was held for the first time last year, it aims to honor models of practice and leadership in Investor Relations (IR) among the listed companies in the Asia Pacific region. Our winners have been devoted in upholding transparent communications between companies and stakeholders throughout 2016. The Quam IR Awards serves as the well-recognized testimonials to the winners’ excellence, which can help bring accreditation and prestige to the winning companies and their remarkable achievement in the area of IR among shareholders, institutional investors, equity research analysts and financial media.

Awarded companies in Quam IR Awards 2016 come from various categories, ranging from Hang Seng Index Constituents, Main Board and First Year After Listing companies, representing multi-national enterprises to local companies. A total of 14 awards were presented, the winners include Bank of China Limited, CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited, China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited, China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd, China Everbright Limited, China LotSynergy Holdings Limited, D&G Technology Holding Company Limited, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, EFT Solutions Holdings Limited, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, Kerry Logistics, Li & Fung Limited, Shui On Land Limited, and WWPKG Holdings Company Limited.

Eminent figures and elites showed their support
At the ceremony, Mr. Richard Winter, Executive Director of Quam Financial Service Group, said “This year, the awarded companies are definitely the role models in their respective industry. With excellent governance culture, their expertise in investor relations is widely recognized. They have deep understanding on sustainable development that strive them to improve investor relations, to keep their commitments with investors, and to make a more rock-solid business platform for industry peers.”

Quam IR was honored to invite Ms Mabel Chan, President of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Prof Daniel M. Cheng, MH, JP, Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries; Mr. Louis Leung, President of Hong Kong Chinese Industry and Commerce Association; Mr. Ivan Tam, President of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries; Mr. Stephen Wong, Adjunct Associate Professor of Institute of China Business, University of Hong Kong, SPACE; and Hon Wong Ting-kwong, SBS, JP, Legislative Councilor of HKSAR (Functional Constituency – Import and Export), as our guests of honor to witness the glorification of the listed companies demonstrated IR excellence.

Ms Mabel Chan said, “This year, the winning companies not only excel in investor relations, but also set an outstanding example to other listed companies. Furthermore, they help strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a leading international financial centre.” Prof Daniel M. Cheng, MH, JP said the awarded companies this year have demonstrated perseverance in improving investor relations and establishing effective corporate culture, meanwhile they have successfully yielded the support from investors and shareholders. Though the business environment is ever changing, the companies are dedicated to provide information to the public with open-minded attitude.

Mr. Louis Leung emphasized that different economies face vigorous competition from abroad. By enhancing both domestic and international competitiveness, the excellent investor relations of listed companies contribute to the capital market of Hong Kong and take Hong Kong to a world leading level.
Mr. Ivan Tam said Quam IR Awards 2016 recognizes the winning companies for their achievements in investor relations. Their vigorous devotion has raised the standard of corporate governance and investor relations to a new level.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stephen Wong, strongly believed that Quam IR Awards 2016 has provided a good way of public acknowledgement on investor relations and laid a solid foundation for developing investor relations in general. Hon Wong Ting-kwong, SBS, JP added that the awarded companies have been disclosing the most valuable information in an all-rounded and professional manner on the open platform.

Unfailing support from media & sponsors
Apart from the support of notable guests, the award presentation ceremony attracted numerous media and sponsors in Hong Kong and China. Our supporting media partners include Metro Daily, The Standard, eeo.com.cn, caiguu.com, CEO FX, CNFOL, FXgold, FX678, OTCbeta, PEdaily, p5w, Stock Star and ysslc.com and so on. Besides, several companies supported QIRA by offering products & prize sponsorship, namely Adiren Gagnon, BU Health, Canon Hongkong Company Limited, EyeCare HK, FX Creations International Limited, Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten and YOU. C1000 and so on.

Key to success of winning listed companies

CALC strives to improve investor relations
Mr. Bill Hui, Financial Controller of CALC, stated that the company has been proactively working on the globalization strategy underpinned by innovative financing channels, which supports sustainable growth. Meanwhile, the company also suggests outstanding business models to provide one-stop aircraft solutions, such as new aircrafts leasing, sale-and-leaseback of old aircraft, fleet replacement package deal and aircraft disaseembly for airline companies.

D&G Technology focuses on the interaction with investors
Ms Glendy Choi, Executive Director and CEO of D&G Technology Holding Company Limited, said the company is very honored to be awarded with Quam IR Awards again. The Group has been keeping close relationships with investors since its listing. Through timely disclosure of the Group’s latest information, investors are allowed to follow their latest development.

Dah Chong Hong values investor relations
Ms Kitty Fung, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited shared, “We endeavour to engage shareholders and investors through well-planned IR & ESG programs in a proactive manner. We cherish such good relationships with the investment community and will continue to raise the bar for best IR practices.”

EFT dedicated to integrating the quality of investor relations
Mr Andrew Lo, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of EFT Solutions Holdings Limited, said that apart from focusing on the business development and the technology of electronic payment in Hong Kong, the company also emphasizes on the transparency IR betterment in another. The company discloses corporate information and interacts with investors in a timely and proactive manner, which gives a better understanding to investors about the company.

Shui On Land Limited maintains aims to step towards the global capital market
Ms Doreen Chiu, Senior IR Manager Shui On Land Limited, shared “SOL IR team has put great efforts in increasing transparency and providing investors with access to corporate information in a timely and fair manner over the past years. In the future, we will continue to enhance its exposure to investors and also the global capital markets.”

The Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd’s IR keeps the two-way communication with investors
Mr. John Ho, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of The Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd (Towngas) focuses on the importance of keeping two-way communication with investors. Through different measures such as company website, investing conference, roadshows, marketing investigation interviews and conference calling, the company discloses corporate information in diversified ways, which integrates the transparency and maintains high level of corporate governance.

WWPKG promotes diversified businesses through investor relations
Mr. Jessica Yuen, Business Development Manager of WWPKG Holdings Company Limited said investor relations has been the focus of the company since it was listed in Hong Kong. The company pays a great effort in integrating its transparency, disclosing latest corporate information and interacting with its investors. The company is recognized in different aspect and it is the first time to be recognized for its IR betterment, which is very meaningful to the company.

The list of awardees for Quam IR Awards 2016 (in alphabetical order of company name):

Company Name / Award Category
1. Bank of China Limited (Stock Code: 3988) / Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
2. CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1038) / Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
3. China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1848) / Main Board Category
4. China Cinda Asset Management Co,, Ltd (Stock Code: 1359) / Main Board Category
5. China Everbright Limited (Stock Code: 165) / Main Board Category
6. China LotSynergy Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1371) / Main Board Category
7. D&G Technology Holding Company Limited (Stock Code: 1301) / Main Board Category
8. Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1828) / Main Board Category
9. EFT Solutions Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8062) / First Year After Listing Category
10. The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Stock Code: 0003) / Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
11. Kerry Logistics (Stock Code: 0636) / Main Board Category
12. Li & Fung Limited (Stock Code: 0494) / Hong Kong Index Constituents (Hang Seng Index) Category
13. Shui On Land Limited (Stock Code: 0272) / Main Board Category
14. WWPKG Holdings Company Limited (Stock Code: 8069) / First Year After Listing Category

Website of Quam IR Awards 2016: http://quamedm.quamnet.com/landing/QIRA2016/en_US/index.html

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