Public Trust in CDC, Fauci, and Other Top Health Officials is Fading

Public Trust in CDC, Fauci, and Other Top Health Officials is Fading

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A new poll paints a grim picture of Americans’ views toward The China Virus chaos.

The poll, from the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), finds that the public’s trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US’ Top doctors, like Anthony Fauci, is rapidly dropping, particularly among Republicans. It also finds that a sizable percentage of Americans still hold a number of incorrect beliefs about the virus, and that less than 50% of Americans surveyed would want to get vaccinated against C-19 if a vaccine was available before November.

The poll, conducted from 28 August to 3 September provides a glimpse into how the US government’s response to the virus chaos is sowing distrust among both Republicans and Democrats. It also reveals growing partisan divides about reliable sources of health information.

Public confidence in the CDC has dropped 16 pts since April, according to the poll. The agency has been widely criticized both by public health advocates, who want the agency to more frequently stand up to political pressure, and by President Trump, who has accused it of being overly cautious and thwarting the US recovery from the ongoing virus chaos.

Republicans’ confidence in the CDC has dropped 30 pts since April. Democrats’ trust in the CDC has dropped from 86% to 74% over the same frame.

The CDC and Director Robert Redfield are not the only ones facing a crisis of confidence.

The US public’s overall trust in Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Top infectious disease doctor, has declined 10% since April.

Republicans have particularly soured on him: His favorables dropped nearly 30% among Republicans since April. Democrats’ confidence in Dr. Fauci, has increased from 80% to 86% since April.

The public at large still trusts Dr. Fauci to provide reliable information more than it trusts the CDC, the White House China Virus coordinator Dr Deborah Birx or former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the new poll.

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