Progressive Democrats Do Not Care About Illegal Wiretaps

Progressive Democrats Do Not Care About Illegal Wiretaps

Progressive Democrats Do Not Care About Illegal Wiretaps

The House Intelligence Committee voted Monday night to release a Republican memo that by most accounts reveals how the FBI may have mishandled, federal wiretap requests during the Y 2016 Presidential campaign.

The WH should now approve its public disclosure as the 1st of several to help the American people understand what happened.

Progressive Democrats are loudly objecting to the memo’s release, citing violations of national security.

Such arguments do not hold ‘water’.

Republican Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) followed a long and careful process that follows official House protocol.

When the FBI finally agreed to answer a committee Subpoena for documents, Mr. Nunes deputized former prosecutor and South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-NC) to investigate.

This memo was then vetted for security concerns, and provided to the entire House committee, then made available to the entire House, then shown to the director of the FBI, and is now seeing a White House review.

Wednesday, a false claim that Republicans are censoring the committee Democratic memo.

These are the same Democrats that are broadcasting national security issues wanting the House committee Monday instantly to approve the public disclosure of their counter-memo that has not gone through the required reviews that the GOP majority memo has.

Committee Republicans voted to start that process by making the Democratic memo available to the full House, and of course we should all see that memo too when it has been cleared.

The House’s GOP memo is not about attacking the FBI, and it law enforcement professionals, as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) declares. What it is is about is restoring confidence in a law enforcement agency that played an unprecedented role in a US Presidential election regarding both Donald Trump (winner) and Hillary Clinton’s (loser) campaigns.

Let’s see the Memo Mr. President


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