Profede ICO Launch Singapore

Profede ICO Launch Singapore

Prior to launching their ICO, Profede – a highly promising new blockchain-based protocol aiming to revolutionize the professional recruitment industry will holding its first ICO presentation in Asia on 23 May 2018 in Singapore. The launch event is organized by ICO Event Company “Founder and CEO” and attendance will be by invitation only.

Profede is a new blockchain protocol which aims to transform the professional recruitment industry by allowing professionals (“sellers”) to be paid for their work history and CV information whilst also ensuring full data protection.

In the Professional recruitment industry, data on professionals, their work history and professional experience is worth billions of Dollars to major corporations. However, recruiters and headhunters collect this data for free from professionals and sell it to their clients.

Profede allows professionals to upload their data to their blockchain protocol, called the Profede Professional Protocol, which will then distribute data to partner platforms.

Professionals can control how much of their data is made public and what portions remain protected by the blockchain protocol. If a business (“buyer”) decides that it is interested in the data set of a specific professional, the buyer can pay a fee set by the professional to see the full data on work history.

As such, Profede allows for professionals to be compensated when their data is being accessed. On the other hand, Profede makes talent search for corporations more cost-effective as candidates (sellers) will have a public rating and businesses will be able to buy only the data information they require.

Profede has recently signed a partnership agreement with beBee, a career platform that counts over 12 million users in over 100 countries. Profede is also in discussions with other platforms such as Adecco, Monster, Glassdoor, Freelancer and Randstad, to integrate the Profede Professional Protocol into their platforms as well.

Profede aims to launch their final product on Ethereum’s main net in 2019. To date, Profede has exceeded its soft cap of USD 3 million in the presale period of its initial coin offering (ICO) and will start offering its token to the public from June 1st.

Profede’s concept has already gained international media attention and its CEO – Juan Imaz is a successful serial entrepreneur with 3 exits that valued over USD 110 million in the online business field.

For further information on the event and attendance, please contact: [email protected]

ICO information:

Token Ethereum (ERC20): PATO (Professional Activity Token)

Price: 1 PATO = 0.01 USD

Volume: 6 billion (finite amount created)

Trading exchanges: TBD

Tokens distributed in ICO: 50% (3 billion tokens) * 50% of the total amount of PATO tokens are available for purchase across the presale and crowdsale * 40% of the total amount of PATO tokens are reserved as a long term budget. Among others, these tokens will be used to stimulate the use and growth of the platform, pay for the development, invest in marketing and cover legal costs. * 10% of the total amount of PATO tokens are reserved for the Advisors and Team

Platform: Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Soft cap: 3 million USD

Hard cap: 20 million USD

Planned use of funds: * 40% for development (rollout of the solution and adjustments) * 5% for administrative needs * 44% for expanding adoption, incl. growth and maintenance of the world-wide community including advisors for growth-hacking, public relations, partnerships, affiliate programs, etc. * 5% for legal expenses * 6% for unforeseen costs

Investment information: * Profede will use a web application to facilitate the contribution of BTC or ETH and receipt of PATO tokens. * Investors may contribute with BTC or ETH but must use a BTC or ETH wallet to do so or Fiat. * Exchange wallets should not be used for any ICOs. * Profede is distributing ERC-20 tokens (PATO tokens). * An ERC-20 compatible wallet must be given as a receiving address regardless of whether you contribute BTC or ETH

Lock-up periods: * 3 months lock-up for presale investors * No lock-up for crowdsale Investors * 3 months lock-up for Advisors * 2 years lock-up for team members, with 25% of their tokens being unlocked every six months. * Tokens from the Profede reserve are destined to stimulate the platform, so Profede will lock those tokens one year. * All lock-up periods will be enforced through a smart contract, that will be published and audited

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