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Prodigium, Puts All Other Mega Yachts to Shame


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You are not going to need a bigger boat it you buy this 1″– Paul Ebeling

No 1 designs or builds super-luxurious, extra dramatic and fanciful like Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design.

Look no further than 2 of his most recent mega yacht concepts for proof: the swan-shaped extravaganza named Avanguardia and the just unveiled Prodigium, a mega yacht that makes all other insignificant by comparison.

If Avanguardia was bold and over-the-top, Prodigium is 2X it.

Its shape is inspired by a shark, while the design pays homage to Roman architecture. It is a huge vessel packed with amenities for over 40 guests, with 3 helicopter hangars, 3 pools and its own port for a smaller yacht that can serve as tender.

Prodigium (the word isLatin meaning “an omen or a sign of something to come) measures 510 ft (152.7 meters) in length and 112 ft (34.1 meters) in width, and has 6 decks and garages packed with water toys. At this size, should it ever be built, it would be one of the largest vessels in history. For the time being, its merits in this department are just theoretical.

“Our latest design takes its inspiration from ancient Roman architecture and parts are also inspired by the shape of sharks,” the design studio says of the latest concept.

The shark inspiration is immediately noticeable in the shape of the upper deck, which comprises the main living area. Made of carbon fiber and aluminum, this part is defined by several diagonal lines that are reminiscent of teeth, and a pointed nose. There’s also a “back fin” on the upper deck and 2 more on the side, which are actually retractable terraces, 23 ft (7 meters) each and just perfect for suntanning in a very unique location.

The Roman architecture reference: there are Roman columns marking the main entrance to the deck below, while also offering support to the entire upper structure. The interior is generous, with sizable lounging and dining areas, galley and entertainment spaces.

Accommodation are for 44 guests, tended to by 12 crew and 18 staff. Lazzarini does not say, but it could be that Prodigium would also get standard modern amenities for 1 of today’s mega yachts, like spa and wellness center, gym, theater and a formal dining room.

For come-and-go gatherings, there are 3 helipads on the roof with storage for all 3 birds. Because you know that, by the time Prodigium is built, air taxis will have become the norm.

Also on the roof, there are solar panels generating all the power to light up and maneuver the yacht while docking.

Propulsion is hybrid, with Lazzarini saying Prodigium would have a cruising speed of 22 knots, strong for a boat this size.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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