Priscila Sales Lights Up Fuse Magazine

Priscila Sales Lights Up Fuse Magazine

Brazilian Super Model Priscila Sales Lights Up Fuse Magazine

Before Priscila Sales shot the eagerly awaited Miami Bikini Shop 2016 catalogue the Brazilian beauty was featured in Fuse Magazine.

You may know Priscila from her many TV appearances, Priscila’s acting career includes work on Graceland, and the show Ballers for HBO that is set to go on air in the summer 2016. She also was a feature model for the movie Baywatch , that is set to go on air in the summer of 2017. Her on camera experience also includes music videos, such as Trey songs “About You” ,Luceno “Vida Louca”, and Jesse and Joy ft. Alejandro Sanz “No Soy una de Esas”. She also has participated in several commercials.

Pricsila’s passion for modeling started at an early age, beginning with dress up & posing in front of the mirror. Her pursuits have taken her to shoot at the Gulf of Mexico for Intermodelo Magazine. She was also published in Emal International Magazine, Dynamag Magazine,Green Thumb Calendar 2016 and Hot Miami Style photo-shoot for the Fall Collection 2015. Her aspirations is be photographed worldwide.

Fuse was founded as a platform to showcase and promote the best photographers, models, and designers from around the world, whose work celebrates the beauty of the female form by blending the artistic and the erotic. With Fuse, we go back to a classic principle of photography, where enticing photos are high in quality and concept, meant to last forever and be seen by all, rather than something to hide or be ashamed of taking or looking at.

Whether the context is alternative, vanilla, or anything in-between, a thoughtful photo of a beautiful lady is timeless; someone deemed this image picture-perfect, a flash of time worth capturing. Through the lens of the photographer, we can see these women preserved as they are in that moment, beautiful and sexy forever.

priscila sales

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