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Prevent Heart Disease In Dogs

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Chi Dog, pet owners’ source for fresh, whole-food dog food. Inspired by Chinese Medicine philosophies, provides insight on canine nutritional diets to help prevent Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), also known as Heart Disease in dogs.

Pet owners may be concerned about the recent FDA reports warning of grain-free dog food possibly leading to DCM. Luckily, whe consumers who buy gently cooked, human-grade, whole-food meals, like Chi Dog. They can rest assured that the nutritious diet they’re feeding their dogs has not been implicated in the possible DCM risk correlation.

Veterinarian, Chi Dog’s co-founder and certified dog food therapist Dr. Bohrer explains DCM in dogs is sometimes the result of a deficiency in taurine. “Taurine is an amino acid that is manufactured in a dog’s body from methionine and cysteine. Animal proteins are not only a natural source of taurine but are rich in methionine and cysteine. Since Taurine is found naturally in animal proteins, it is essential to include plenty of real meat or eggs in your dog’s diet.”

Chinese Medicine Studies

According to Chinese medicine, health problems can occur when a dog eats highly processed, feed-grade quality meats in which many proteins and amino acids are denatured. Kibble diets, which are all highly processed and use poor quality feed-grade ingredients, will lack proper nourishment and put animals at risk for chronic health problems and nutritional deficiencies. 

Human medicine has well documented the link between a poor quality, highly processed diet and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases and higher cancer risks. Chi Dog believes the same link exists for all animals. This conclusion is based on the consistent improvements in global health that Dr. Bohrer and Dr. Berg (Vet, Chi Dog co-founder) have seen using Food Therapy-based, whole-food meals to nourish their own patients.

Meat-based foods will not meet a dog’s nutritional needs if the meat is feed-grade and heavily processed. While The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requires a certain amount of amino acids in dog food, it does not consider taurine to be an essential amino acid since dogs can create it in their own bodies, as long as minimum methionine and cysteine levels are met. Additionally, many companies use synthetic amino acids to fulfill the requirements that do exist rather than use high-quality meat.

What Makes Chi Dog Different

This is where Chi Dog differs from other brands. Dr. Edward Moser, Veterinary Nutritionist, assures dog owners, “Chi Dog diets exceed AAFCO minimum guidelines for amino acid nutrition, including methionine and cysteine, which are precursors for taurine synthesis by your dog.” 

Chi Dog achieves this goal by using Food Therapy recipes that feature high quantities of human-grade meat and other animal proteins and only minimal amounts of legumes and potatoes. These diets take into account the values of Chinese Medicine to ensure that dogs’ bodies maintain adequate levels of taurine.


It is important to remember that low taurine is far from the only cause of DCM in dogs. Most dogs with DCM actually have adequate taurine levels. DCM is usually caused by genetic factors that make dogs incapable of synthesizing enough taurine. 

More research needs to be done before the FDA can discover the precise factors leading to DCM and recall products if necessary. Chi Dog recommends that dogs consume real food diets, gently cooked, not highly processed, made from human-grade ingredients, like Chi Dog.

About Chi Dog

Chi Dog is a different kind of fresh food. Not only is it prepared with fresh human grade meats, fresh veggies, and whole grains. But it’s made to nourish each dog’s personal Element based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Chi Dog’s founders are practicing veterinarians who have seen the positive benefits that whole food ingredients. And Food Therapy can have on our cherished four-legged family members. We are united in our mission to give your dog the very best food, for their very best life.

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