President Trump’s White House Owns the Media

President Trump’s White House Owns the Media

President Trump’s White House Owns the Media

The Oval Office is 100% President Donald Trump

Washington, DC is a real as it gets in America, and President Trump is showing it to the world.

 In a case of Reality TV meets Washington, DC, US President Donald Trump is bringing television cameras into normally private White House talks with lawmakers that feature sharp debates and policy-making for the world to see, closed doors are few.

President Trump is fully engaged and interested, countering critics who have questioned his acuity, and letting viewers know how things really happen.

Democrats that attend question whether these sessions are merely a repackaging of President Trump’s Star turn on The Apprentice, a #1 TV show he hosted for 14 seasons.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the # 2 Senate Democrat who was present for a similar meeting with President Trump about immigration, says, “My advice is hope for the best; don’t be surprised if he changes his mind in 48 hours.”

People close to President Trump said the idea of opening up the meetings lets him transmit his message directly to the public and contrast his methods and style with that of Republicans and Democrats from Capitol Hill.

“It is  great. He has US Senators as his cast,” said an admirer of the presentations.

“They’re a useful way to make news, they’re not a useful way to negotiate policy,” said Republican strategist Charlie Black about the open discussions, adding that some participants are less likely to negotiate seriously on live TV.

A White House official said the decision to open up the typically private meetings was “100% Trump.”

President Trump was pleased when the press stayed for the meeting on immigration and decided, at least for some meetings, to continue the practice.

“He loved it, he thought it was fabulous. He said that worked out well, let’s do more of that,” the official said.

Republican lawmakers, like their Democratic colleagues have had to get used to discussing policy positions publicly.

It is fascinating television not seen before

“The upside is it’s fascinating television. It shows President Trump in an authentic and real-life situation where he’s trying to hash out policy,” said Republican strategist Ryan Williams.


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