President Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Targeted Corrupt Countries

President Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Targeted Corrupt Countries

President Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Targeted Corrupt Countries

Last Thursday, US President Donald Trump was not talking about race when he talked tough and strong on immigration, he was referring to corruption, mass starvation and human rights abuses in the designated countries. And everyone in that closed session WH meeting knows that.

“It had nothing to do with race. It has to do with their countries. Countries that are corrupt. Countries where they have mass starvation. Countries where they don’t have human and women’s rights and freedom – the same freedoms that we have, the economic freedoms, religious freedoms, freedoms of the press. They’re slaughtering Christians in the 10’s of thousands,” said former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik in a TV interview Friday.

Lawmakers and critics derided President Trump over comments they said he made when talking about Haiti, El Salvador and “sh–hole” countries in Africa that were the subject of bi-partisan immigration talks in the Oval Office Thursday, as the countries in question have “major problems.”

“We’re bringing in their people and the President has concerns. He wants the best. He wants the brightest. He wants people with money coming into this country that’s going to benefit the country, not otherwise,” he said.

Commish Kerik also did not mince words about the response from some lawmakers present when President Trump made the alleged comments, who he said left the room “whining like 5-year-old children running to their mother” because “this guy said a bad word.”

“It’s appalling. It’s disgusting. And it wreaks of this negative political atmosphere where the Democrats and Republicans historically just couldn’t get anything done, and this is why Donald Trump has been elected President,” he said.

“I heard Dick Durbin whining and screaming, at least one walked out of that room and ran to the press to complain about the words the President used.

“They’re supposed to be doing a job for the American people and they’d rather get in there and stir this argument and stir this dissension amongst each other,” he said.

Commish Kerik maintained Democrats are interested in welcoming immigrants from those countries because “they get more votes on the left when they bring in that demographic.” He also said those who opposed President Trump on the issue did so “because they do not want to get into the real argument.”

“They do not want to talk about what’s happened in immigration over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years. They do not want to go down that road because it’s a losing battle for them. So, right now, what do they do? They jump on the wording that the president used.

“They’re not fixing the problem and the president’s annoyed with it, and I think that’s what the real issue is,” Commish Kerik said.

President Trump is fixing this critical immigration issue, as he has promised.

The policy is America First and the mission is Make America Great Again.

Have a terrific weekend.

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