President Trump’s Tax Reform Deals Massive Blow to Barack Obamacare

President Trump’s Tax Reform Deals Massive Blow to Barack Obamacare

President Trump’s Tax Reform Deals Massive Blow to Barack Obamacare

  • Barack Obamacare is going to collapse.
  • The ex-president’s legacy is being shredded into oblivion.
  • Socialized medicine suffered an extreme setback.

Our President’s sweeping tax reform bill that passed the US Senate early Saturday contains the GOP’s biggest blow yet to former President Barack Hussein Obama’s healthcare law (ACA), repealing the requirement that all Americans obtain health insurance.

The individual mandate was meant to ensure a viable health insurance market by forcing younger and healthier Americans to buy coverage, much of which was unwanted and unnecessary.

Removing it while keeping the rest of Obama’s Affordable Care Act intact could cause insurance premiums and allow millions to opt out of the burdensome law, as millions of healthy people exit the Mr. Hussein Obama’s mandatory insurance market,

Barack Obamacare is going to collapse now.

Republican lawmakers have scrapped the mandate as part of a broader repeal of Barack Obamacare further shredding the clouded legacy of the former president.

Repealing the individual mandate simply restores to people the freedom to choose.

Instead of taxing people for not being able to afford insurance coverage, Congress is now working to reduce costs and provide options.

Republicans, who control US House of Representatives and Senate, have now fulfilled a Top campaign pledge of President Donald Trump.

President Trump said Congress will return to Repeal-and-Replace efforts next year, and  has taken regulatory and executive actions to undermine the Barack Obamacare law.

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