President Trump’s Predictions About Invading Migrant’s Caravan Came True

President Trump’s Predictions About Invading Migrant’s Caravan Came True

President Trump’s Predictions About Invading Migrant’s Caravan Came True

Everything the White House and The Trump Administration officials predicted about the caravan of invading migrants heading to the US border from Central America has come true, despite arguments that the warnings were little more than an election ploy, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday.

“In fact there was a caravan,” Ms. Conway said in a news interview. “There are violent people in there. Secretary Nielsen last night released on social media an 8-point statement. I would commend everybody to pull it. It is chock full of information. “

In the statement, posted to Facebook, Secretary Nielsen commended several agencies, the Department of Defense and President Trump for bolstering security forces, and Ms. Conway said that is because there are “violent elements in the caravan.”

“Mainstream media only wants you to see the children, the families,” said Ms. Conway. “They are not telling you that most of the caravan are males traveling by themselves. Of course projectiles and rocks were thrown at our brave men and women at the border.

“They used non-lethal force in response because they have a right to defend themselves, to make sure others who are there are not harmed.”

Secretary Nielsen also pointed out that about 90% of the caravan migrants are not eligible for asylum, said Ms. Conway, and that Congress must now do his job and act.

“The President negotiated in good faith,” said Ms. Conway. “He has been very clear for 3-and-a-half years now, border security and national sovereignty is imperative. If people care about these folks, they will not just go for the optics.”

Many of the caravan’s migrants, have figured it out that they will not be let in to the US and have begun to return home.

Further, today we learned that Senate GOP leaders have discussed with President Donald Trump providing $5-B in guaranteed funds for the Wall along the US southern border, they now fully realize that is what the American people want, that is a Key reason they voted Donald J. Trump the President.

America First!

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