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President Trump’s Policies Work, Like it or Not

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The President’s primary responsibilities are to protect national security and enable prosperity. His record and Slow Joe Biden’s superficial vision make Donald Trump the better choice.

China is more than an economic rival.

China’s authoritarian approaches to economics and personal liberty permitted better containment of C-19 coronavirus and a quicker economic recovery, and it is poised to have the largest economy and most powerful Deep Water Navy in the world in the 2030’s.

Democrats and EU leaders recognize the threats posed by China’s mercantilism and technology theft.

President Trump and Mr. Biden will pursue similar tax incentives-both propose lower taxes or subsidies for firms that bring back jobs. But Mr. Biden foolishly would rely on the WTO to accomplish peaceful, yet subservient coexistence

The Europeans also find China intractable in negotiations, and Japan, Australia, India and SKorea have active policies to disengage supply chains from China and increase defense spending.

Other ASIAN states, like Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, will not be able to play both sides.

The world is falling into competing sectors with growth driven by high-tech behemoths. China offers other nations the means to control domestic populations-facial recognition and individual tracking technologies undergirding its Social Credit System and oppression of Muslims in Xinjian-and Trojan Horses like Huawei’s 5G.

America offers an open technology system where entrepreneurs can build wealth and create jobs.

US businesses are prospering on Amazon’s and Microsoft’s clouds and selling apps on smartphones.

Manufacturers and traditional service enterprises are finding new ways to compete with American and Japanese robotics and AI.

China’s growing military prowess makes America’s defense commitment to Taiwan increasingly uncertain.

Unless we shift resources from the Middle East and Europe to Asia-Pacific, spend more on defense and establish a forward deployment base to replace Subic Bay our friends in the region could eventually see the pointlessness in reliance on America.

President Trump has engineered detente between Israel and Arab Gulf states. With the tacit approval of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have established formal diplomatic relations with the Jewish state and a alliance is emerging to confront Iran.

President Trump has engineered newly initiated peace talks between the Taliban and government in Afghanistan.

And President Trump is getting the Europeans to finally recognize they must take more responsibility for their own defense.

All this helps the American military’s shift toward Asia-Pacific, whereas I believe that Mr. Biden would falsely seek to resurrect the old regime in NATO and overburden our forces with responsibilities both on the continent and in the Middle East.

He has said little about shoring up America’s Navy and other military assets. He heads a party with an influential left wing that advocates isolationist trade policies and less defense spending. Remember the Hussein Obama/Biden administration cut the Pentagon’s budget on assuming office with glee.

For American technology to thrive and create opportunities for investment and better jobs, it requires broad global markets. Access in Asia-Pacific and elsewhere requires our allies feel secure and not throw in with China.

Mr. Biden’s has said nothing about these issues, and Americans cannot afford to vote for him, as he is an unknown quantity.

Domestically, he advocates a European-style industrial policy-forcing the great transformation from a fossil fuel to a renewal energy-based economy quicker than the science permits by shutting down much of the domestic Oil and Gas industry and forcing America into electric vehicles sooner than any of that is economically viable.

Mr. Hussein Obama’s notable billions of dollars follies: a high speed rail and Solyndra-illustrate where that would lead, but this time on a really grand scale.

Appeasing rioters and looters that piggyback on Black Lives Matters (Burn Loot Murder) demonstrations by handcuffing police and adopting progressive policies with histories of failure would worsen and harden inequality in America with the return to segregation.

The Hussein Obama-Biden Administration aggressively encouraged systemic changes in policing in cities like Chicago that hosted this Summer’s violence and destruction of property. Civil disorder does not open doors to jobs creating investments in black communities.

Aggressive pursuit of affirmative action and minority set asides did little to improve the relative economic status of blacks and Hispanics, whereas poverty declined and the incomes of those groups improved relative to Whites during The Trump Expansion instantly interrupted by the China virus chaos.

Growth is the best counter to inequality, whereas raising taxes and Wokeism invokes unthinking beliefs, not progress.

So, Like it or Not, Donald Trump sees our choices as they are. Slow Joe Biden’s return to normalcy would take America back to approaches that experience shows do not work, they have been tried for 50 yrs.

Yes, as an economist, our President is on the right course of redirecting our Nation to its leadership in the World by bringing home American Industry, forcing us to be a self-supporting energy Nation, letting the USD fall to encourage and become more competitive with our exports plus by strengthening our military.

Yes, China still remains the Problem but in time with an acceleration of the American economy, that will be resolved faster than people realize.Most people do that recognize that much of our technical innovations comes from our military, as one can see from the new technologies that have originated from our outer space programs. That is why our Military budgets must remain at the current levels. 

Thanks to our President our monetary commitments around the World have been lessened, as is evidenced by NATO increasing their own military budgets and reducing our involvements in foreign wars.So, the projection course has been set in motion and should not be stopped.  Our Country through 2019 saw gains in employment never seen in the last fifty years. The beneficiaries were the working class with more employment, especially in the female and lower income classes along with minorities. Adding to this, was the closing of our borders so Americans got American jobs plus the stimulus package that was developed, despite in pork-barreling wasted expenditures.Then came the Pandemic – thanks to China, and our course was interrupted as never seen before, as if the Great Depression had resurrected its head. Medical experts were even contradicting themselves.

Finally however, a solution seems to be in the offing by a number of major companies around the World who are coming with a very real solution, a vaccine – thanks to changes forced upon the FDA.

Yes, here too – well ahead of schedule, forced upon them by the current Administration. Fiscal 2020 should be a further recovery year but look out for 2012 forward. They should be explosive. Consumer confidence is there and the leading power injected by the Federal Reserve System has been put in place.  Yes, we are on the right course but it still must run the time to complete its implementation.

Now, Congress must recognize that It is time to stop the Party Politics in Washington, implement Police Reform and stop Racial bias for we are a Nation for All People.  Politicians and the Media must get with the Program that the People want and are demanding. They want to go back to work,”  says Bruce WD Barren, Chairman of The EMCO/ Hanover Group.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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