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President Trump’s Policies Have Created a “Strong Economy”


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President Trump’s policies have helped create jobs and pushed the economy to perform well, even after news of his illness caused the stock market to dip a bit,

The market … recovered during the day, and that jobs report, which the mainstream media tried to play down, was actually very strong,” publisher and author Steve Forbes said Friday on TV.

In the private sector, 865,000-plus jobs were created. The reason why the number did not go up as much as the economists had forecast was because 200,000 government workers were not working. And the reason they were not working is they are teachers, and the schools were not opening because of concerns of COVID-19.

The Atlanta Fed [The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta], which tries to forecast the GDP on an ongoing basis, revised their 3rd-quarter estimate up two and a half points compared to a week ago,” Mr. Forbes said. “I think the markets were reacting the fact, and that President Trump’s policies will continue. And hopefully, they will.”

“Without question before a strong economy can be put in place, a strong foundation must be built. That is exactly what Trump has done, mostly on his own with the help of his own Party and White House insiders. This is despite the fact that he became probably the most controversial Presidents in US History as the third President to ever be impeached and probably the only one that could be re-elected for a second term.

Let’s take a look at Trump’s Foundation building. As part of his Program, first and foremost, he has made us energy sufficient in 2018 and for the first time in our history an oil exporting Country  with the U.S. surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Then came the Canadian pipeline adding to this capability followed by the reduction in illegal immigration, partly due to the start of his Great Southern Wall and the tightening up of our immigration policies and deportation procedures so as to allow for more opportunities for Americans. He also caused us to withdraw from the disastrous, one-sided  Trans-Pacific Partnership and renegotiate the Mexican-Canadian Trade Agreements in order to promote better trade with the U.S. 

Not stopping there, Trump went on to tackle both NATO and the United Nations where he caused other Nations to pay their fair costs. Then add to the fact that he  repealed the Affordable Care Act, cut our taxes. spearheaded the most successful economy in World History and has brought a sufficient part of our troops home, keeping us out of war. 

Let’s also not forget three other major accomplishments in his long lists: the Israel peace treaties and the making of American exports more competitive on the World market by allowing the value of the US Dollar to fall in order to help recapture employment in the US. Lastly, his reshaping Trump’s most lasting impact on the country will be the reshaping of the federal judiciary.

Thus far, Trump has installed two Supreme Court justices, with a third in the wings, and 205  judges overall to the federal bench — all for lifetime appointments. By December, Trump nominees made up roughly 25% of all US circuit court judges.  He has also appointed 53 judges on the 13 US circuit courts, and still has months left in his first term. To put this into perspective, former President Barack Obama appointed 55 circuit judges in his two terms in the White House. Remember the Courts get the final say in US politics, setting precedents that can shape the country for years to come. 

Yes, Trump’s Achilles Heel still remains his handling of the pandemic covid-19 crisis which is still yet to be opined, given that a vaccine could be soon in the offing. Then, the final stage of that story will be written in history as either a plus or negative for his economic plans plus his favoritism and accomplishments in minority and women’s rights will become secondary. So, stay tuned,” says economist Bruce WD Barren, Chairman at The EMCO/ Hanover Group.    

President Trump tested positive for coronavirus late Thursday and is receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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