President Trump’s Policies Brought Dramatic Gains Against ISIS

President Trump’s Policies Brought Dramatic Gains Against ISIS

President Trump’s Policies Brought Dramatic Gains Against ISIS

Aggressive steps taken by the Trump administration have brought “dramatically accelerated” gains against the Islamic State (ISIS) in the last 6 months, a top State Department official said.

A senior envoy to the US-backed coalition, said Friday that actions taken by President Donald Trump including pushing decision-making down to field commanders resulted in about 8,000 sqm being reclaimed in Iraq and Syria.

So far, ISIS has lost 27,000 sqm; 78% of its holdings in Iraq and 58% in Syria since the group’s peak control in early Y 2015, he said.

In addition, ISIS terrorists have been driven out of 45% of Raqqa, since US-backed forces began their offensive two months ago.

Airstrikes by US and coalition forces have been most successful in aiding Syrian Democratic Forces, consisting of Kurdish and Arab fighters.

Key changes under President Trump that have brought about the ISIS changes.

They also included a “campaign of annihilation” focusing on neighboring cities held by ISIS before broader attacks, to keep terrorists from escaping.

By allowing field officers to make decisions, President Trump gave them the authority to respond faster to changing situations.

The 2,000 militants left in Raqqa “will die in Raqqa.”

The United Nations has estimated that 25,000 civilians also remain there.

In addition, renewed efforts by The Trump Administration to “increase burden sharing from the coalition” among what he said were 73 countries has also been a factor.

Most of the nations do not contribute to combat efforts, but they are expected to help to stabilize areas that have been cleared, he said.

Such areas include Mosul, where US-backed Iraq security forces declared victory over ISIS last month.

“People say, ‘We want you to run the hospital, the schools,'” he said. “We say, ‘No, we are not very good at that.’ “It’s not our responsibility.”

We can clear the battlefields, now let’s Drain the Swamp Mr. President.

Have a terrific week.

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