White House Continues to Back Moore for Fed

White House Continues to Back Moore for Fed

President Trump’s economic adviser said the White House still backs Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, despite Democratic lawmakers’ concerns about his competence and questions over his past remarks.

Sunday, Federal Board candidate Stephen Moore derided criticism of him as “character assassination” and a blatant “smear campaign.”

In a TV interview, Mr. Moore decried the attacks that have focused on his relationship with his former wife and past statements about women.

This smear campaign, this character assassination … began two or three weeks ago,” he said, adding, “”The media unsealed my divorce from 10 years ago and started reporting details of my divorce which against the wishes by the way of myself and my ex-wife who I have a very good solid relationship with today.”

He also batted back past derogatory remarks about women, saying his role in advising President Trump’s economic policies are benefiting women.

“When you look at what’s happened under Donald Trump and what’s happening with wages now and increases in income, I think prosperity and economic growth are a women’s issue and benefit blacks, they benefit minorities,” he said.

“I’m very proud to have played a role in this,” he added. “We have the lowest unemployment rate for women. …We are closing the wage gap. I mean the way to close the wage gap is by creating a healthy economy.”

He also rolled back past remarks that derided Cincinnati and Cleveland as “armpits” of the nation

“I just wrote a column saying Cincinnati and Cleveland aren’t the armpits of America,” he said. “They have become the economic arsenal and Ohio is booming … Ohio is doing all the right things. No,  I do not believe Ohio is the armpit anymore. I think it’s one of our most prosperous or becoming one of our most prosperous states and I think Trump will win that state by a big margin.“

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