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President Trump’s NASCAR Theme: ‘When the Fans See It, Hopefully They Will ‘Race to the Polls in November’


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President Trump’s NASCAR Theme: ‘When the Fans See It, Hopefully They Will ‘Race to the Polls in November’

A NASCAR driver was so resolute about his support for President Trump that his car featured a “Trump 2020” theme painted in Red, White and Blue at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the Brickyard 400 last Sunday.

Patriots of America PAC partners with GFR, for 9 races in Y 2020 season. Corey LaJoie debuted his patriotic Red, White, and Blue liveried racer at IMS last Sunday.

Mr. LaJoie’s car was sponsored by Go Fas Racing, his racing team, which joined the Patriots of America PAC, which backs President Trump.

Go Fas Racing team owner Archie St. Hilaire stated in a GoFas Racing press release, “I am honored to be part of the President’s re-election campaign through the Patriots of America PAC. As a Trump 2020 supporter, this team will do everything possible to secure victory on and off the track electing President Donald Trump to a second term. Let us bring this country back and Keep America Great!

Mr. LaJoie declared, “With an estimated 75 million NASCAR fans out there, I was surprised that about 15 million of those fans are not registered voters. I will give my best effort to get NASCAR fans registered to vote, through our team efforts on and off the track. When they see the car, hopefully it makes them race to the polls in November.”

Speaking for Patriots of America PAC, Jeff Whaley said, “Our mission is to get voters registered and to the polls in November. We are excited about our sponsorship with Go Fas Racing #32 and Corey LaJoie. We feel this partnership is the best way to help us communicate this message to the NASCAR community and encourage all Americans to do their part by heading to the polls.”

In mid-June, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace announced that his car would feature a “Black Lives Matter” theme.

He stated, “I think by running this branding on our car, putting the hashtag out there, bringing more awareness to it, it lines up with the videos that we had put out as NASCAR. Listening and learning. Educating ourselves. So people will look up what this hashtag means. And hopefully get a better understanding.

Black Lives Matter aka BLM is an anti-American Marxist Communist terrorist organization that is leading violent riots in major Democrat run cities in America, that theme should be banned from all American sports endeavors.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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