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President Trump’s Mileage Standards to Shreds Hussein Obama’s Climate Regulations



President Trump to relax ambitious Hussein Obama-era vehicle mileage standards and raise the ceiling on damaging fossil fuel emissions for years to come, gutting 1 of the United States’ single-biggest regulation for climate change.

The Trump Administration is expected to release a final rule Tuesday on mileage standards through Y 2026, watering down a tough Hussein Obama mileage standard that would have encouraged automakers globally to ramp up production of EVs and more fuel-efficient gasoline vehicles.

The Trump Administration says the lessened mileage standards will allow consumers to keep buying the less fuel-efficient SUVs that US drivers have favored for years.

Opponents say it undercuts the Hussein Obama administration’s legacy effort to cut climate-damaging fossil fuel emissions.

The Hussein Obama Administration mandated 5% annual increases in fuel economy. The Trump Administration’s latest proposal show a 1.5% annual increase, backing off from its initial proposal simply to stop mandating increases in fuel efficiency after Y 2020.

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