President Trump’s Mexico Tariff Threat Already Working

President Trump’s Mexico Tariff Threat Already Working

President Trump’s threats of tariffs against Mexico are already working, as the country sent a delegation immediately to Washington, DC, to discuss the growing issue of immigrants being allowed to come through Mexico to the United States’ southern border.

“Those talks are beginning, and hopefully in earnest. and hopefully, Mexico will take that seriously and respond to what the president is asking. Stop the illegal flow, and we can keep these tariffs off,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday.

Mexico has sent its Foreign Minister and Secretary of the Economy to Washington to try to make the case that their country is doing enough to stem the flow of migrants from Central America, but the numbers don’t show their efforts are a success.

“With 2500 people a day crossing the borders, the numbers don’t back up what they’re saying,” said AG Paxton. “They will have to prove it by actually stopping the massive numbers of people coming through their country and entering ours”

The Mexican officials are scheduled to meet with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Wednesday,

“When you talk about money and losing money and resources, you get action,” said AG Paxton. “I think that’s where President Trump is and I applaud him for continuing the efforts.”

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