President Trump’s Legal Team Moving to Block Out Joe Biden

President Trump’s Legal Team Moving to Block Out Joe Biden

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President Trump’s legal team is shifting from the courts to election boards that certify the vote.

The battle is centered in the battleground states that appeared to have fraudulently showed Mr. Biden the election winner in battleground states.

Certifying results is an important step after local election officials have tallied votes, reviewed procedures, checked to ensure votes were counted correctly and investigated discrepancies.

Typically, this certification is done by a local board of elections and then, later, the results are certified at the state level.

But as President Trump refuses to concede to Mr. Biden and claims victory, this Key process is taking on major significance.

GOP-controlled state legislatures will get select different electors, either overturning Mr. Biden’s alleged victory or sending it to the House, where President Trump will win.

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