President Trump’s Lawyers Moving to “Shut Down Muller’s Investigations”

President Trump’s Lawyers Moving to “Shut Down Muller’s Investigations”

President Trump’s Lawyers Moving to “Shut Down Muller’s Investigations”

US President Donald Trump’s lawyers may offer special counsel Robert Mueller an interview under certain conditions in exchange for a speedy conclusion to the Russia investigation, the WS-J reported Friday.

The paper cited “a person familiar with the discussions,” though John Dowd, President Trump’s lead outside attorney, responded in an email: “We never discuss our communications with OSC (Office of Special Counsel).”

However, “a person familiar with the Trump legal team’s process said that conversations with Mr. Mueller over a possible Trump interview are in the earliest stages,” the paper  reported.

According to the report, Trump’s lawyers are weighing several conditions for a sit-down interview, including that Mr. Mueller commits “to a date for concluding at least the Trump-related portion of the investigation” likely within 60 days of the session.

The lawyers are also considering whether to seek an agreement with Mueller “on the scope of his questioning of the President,” the paper reported.

The Kremlin has said it did not meddle in the 2016 election.

According to the Journal, President Trump has pressured his legal team to end Mueller’s investigation.

The President “has been eager to see the investigation wrap up as quickly as possible, describing it as a distraction that is hurting the country,” the paper reported.

President Trump’s lawyers have researched federal court rulings in efforts to delay or limit the scope of any interview the President might have with Mr. Mueller’s team.

Expect President Trump to prevail in this matter.


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