President Trump’s Latino Support Jumps 19 Points

President Trump’s Latino Support Jumps 19 Points

Latino Voters Sticking With President Trump

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Latinos shot up nearly 20 points from December to January in a new poll.

Key results in the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll:

  • 50% of Latinos support the job President Trump is doing, a significant jump from the 31% who had the same answer in a December poll.
  • President Trump’s support among Whites dropped from 50 to 40%, while his support among African-Americans fell from 19 to 11%.
  • Overall, President Trump’s approval in the most recent poll is 39%, down from 42% in the previous poll.

The ongoing government shutdown began on 22 December after lawmakers could not agree on funding President Trump’s border Wall between the United States and Mexico.

President Trump earned the support of 28% of Hispanics in the Y 2016 election and it has grown since.

Republicans are holding a steady share of the Latino vote in The Trump Era. Thus, defying predictions from Democrats and some political pundits.

The President has targeted immigrants from Latin America in rhetoric and policy. Some predicted a Latino backlash, that has not happened.

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