President Trump’s Labeling COVID-19 as a “Chinese Virus” is Correct

President Trump’s Labeling COVID-19 as a “Chinese Virus” is Correct

If any 1 country deserves to have the name “Chinese” attached to a pandemic, it’s China, which did all it could to conceal the outbreak rather than contain it.

For weeks, China covered up the coronavirus pandemic. And in the days and weeks after the crisis became evident, China left its airports and borders open, allowing the virus to migrate internationally. China ensured that it would not be the only casualty to the economic fallout.

China must be held accountable for this pandemic and despite the bold action and fast response taken by President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force, critics and MSM find fault in the administration’s every move.

The most oft-heard complaint is the President’s use of the term “Chinese Virus” to describe the COVID-19 coronavirus strain.

The issue was raised at Tuesday’s Noon White House briefing when a reporter told the President that “China and others have criticized you for using the phrase ‘Chinese virus.'” He then asked if he planned to continue using the phrase.

President Trump said that he was setting the record straight after China accused the US military of creating the outbreak.

When told that “critics say that using that phrase creates a stigma,” President Trump threw it right back at him.

No, I don’t think so,” he said. “I think saying that our military gave it to them creates a stigma.”

Meanwhile, Democrats and the MSM have been using variations of “China” “Chinese” and “Wuhan” to describe the outbreak long before they acquired their newfound outrage over members of the GOP using what they considered problematic descriptions of the virus.

Tune out the Noise.

Have a healthy day.

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