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President Trump’s Endgame


The Endgame: President Trump is working with his medical and scientific advisers to make a determination on how/when to reopen the country after the lockdowns in order to stop the spread of The China Virus in the next few days he will announce the plan to the Nation.

President Trump said during a town hall that he hopes to reopen much of the United States by Easter Sunday, 12 April.

President Trump, with Dr. Debbie Birx standing beside him Monday evening in the White House briefing room, began signaling the reopening of the country.

The President will analyse the data with his Top medical advisers and will make a decision in a week whether to continue the 15 days or whether there are appropriate modifications he would make to the rest of the country.

President Trump has called this fight against the virus a “war” against an “invisible enemy” and has noted how people are calling him a “wartime president” in responding to the crisis.

In that context President Trump has rallied the entire country against the coronavirus in much the same way President Woodrow Wilson did in WWI and FDR did in WWII.

The Data

Diseases have a natural curve to them, and that is why we are hearing about the curve.

There is a natural increase and then decrease with any disease, whether that is the nature of the disease or, as what happens with most respiratory illnesses, a seasonality whereas as warmer weather approaches people engage in natural social distancing, or even as the disease responds unfavorably to humid and warmer conditions.

The goal is to delay this curve through the President’s historic actions and contain it and keep it outside of our borders with restrictions on travel from China and the rest of the world, or with the 15 Days to Slow the Spread action to flatten that curve and to make sure during its impact that it is not overtaxing the nation’s healthcare system’s capacity.

There will be a natural decline in that curve, and it will happen. The Trump Administration will use that time effectively to develop a vaccine and therapeutics so, that in the event that the curve returns with a wave in the Fall or Winter, if there is seasonality and it were to come back, the scientist and Big Pharma will continue to work on those longer-term efforts like therapies and vaccines.

What I see coming down the pike is a national program, where every American is vaccinated.

Have a healthy day, stay home!

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