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President Trump’s Economy is the Best in 20 Years

Public approval of The Trump Economy is higher than it has been since January 2001, the latest Fox News poll revealed.

The poll found 55% of registered voters rate President Trump’s economy as “excellent” or “good,” which is the highest percentage in the poll since 59% felt the same in Y 2001, Fox News reported.

The contrast to The Obama Administration is alarming, too. Just 3% rated the economy as “excellent” in former President Barack Hussein Obama’s final month (December 2016), while The Trump Administration hit a new high on that marker at 20%, which is up from 14% last October, according to the report.

And, Fox News’ poll revealed, the credit overwhelmingly goes to Trump and Republicans (42%) compared to Mr. Hussein Obama and Democrats (just 9%).

There remains a high level of partisanship as 85% of Republicans have a positive view of the economy, and the country’s direction 75%, while 82% of Democrats have a negative view of the country’s direction and 68% rate the economy fair or poor.

That leads to a overall approval rating for President Trump at 45%, with 54% disapproving, according to the poll.

Democratic pollster Beacon Research and Republican pollster Shaw & Company combined to interview 1,005 registered voters nationwide and the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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