President Trump’s Economic Agenda

President Trump’s Economic Agenda

President Trump’s Economic Agenda

The Trump Administration has outlined big economic agenda items at focus on a stable USD, robust American growth and fair trade.

Larry  Kudlow, the Wall Street economist who is now the director of the White House’s National Economic Council and is advising our President

Mr. Kudlow said he is trying to give the best economic counsel he can to President Trump.

“The way this has worked so far, we have been pretty close, but we have had differences,” Mr. Kudlow said.

Mr. Kudlow served as The Trump Campaign’s senior economic adviser, explained that the President inherited a mountain of problems from the past two decades. “He’s trying to fix a lot of problems that have gone unfixed in the last 20 years.”

Below is a look Mr. Kudlow’s Key agenda items, as follows:

A Stable USD

Mr. Kudlow supports a currency policy that keeps the USD stable. The Dollar could be a trade weapon for the US, which could seek to weaken it to make exports less expensive, Mr.  Kudlow is not behind such a policy. “Keep the currency steady. Keep the dollar steady. It doesn’t have to go up 20% or down 20%,” he said.

Economic Growth

“This administration and its economic advisers, our goal here is growth, growth, growth, growth, growth, that is the raison d’être of this administration on domestic policy. We will rise and fall politically on that,” Mr. Kudlow said.

An ‘Investment Boom’ After ‘War on Business’ Ends

Larry Kudlow is optimistic about America’s economic future now that President  Trump and Republican lawmakers have kept their vow of sweeping tax reform. “Because of the tax changes and regulatory changes, we’re on the front end of an investment boom,” he said.

And such a boom comes in the wake to the end to the “war on business” and “the punishment of investment,” Mr. Kudlow said

President Trump “wanted to lower taxes, especially business taxes, he never wavered on that, and he did.”

“Neither did Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who worked in the campaign with us, and it’s now come to fruition.

“Trump has ended the war on business. He’s ended the regulatory war. This [tax reform] now ends the punishment of investment,” Mr. Kudlow said.

“I believe you’re looking at 3 to 4%  economic growth for as far as the eye can see.

“We’re moving into a higher gear. And that’s why I think people should hang on to their stocks.”

A Cautious Firm Stance on Fair Trade

Mr. Kudlow warns that the US must continue to take a cautious approach towards China because the 2nd-largest world economy has stolen much of America’s intellectual property.

“We have what they want. We have advanced technology. It’s the backbone of our economy.”

“This is the 1st President in 20 years to have the backbone to go in and challenge China on the kind of unfair and illegal trading practices that they have adopted for the past several decades,” he said.

“Blame China for not playing ball, don’t blame the president. He’s standing up for American companies and business.

“This is a moderate, tempered approach that we are taking, not a trade war,” Mr. Kudlow said.

“There’s no secret here. They’ve got enormous trade and tariff barriers,” he said. “They have got to stop their stealing of the intellectual property that we try to use in any company around the world. Those are good places to start.”

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