President Trump’s Decision on Citizenship Question a “Pretty Smart Move”

President Trump’s Decision on Citizenship Question a “Pretty Smart Move”

Friday, Retired federal Judge Walter Kelley praised President Trump for not continuing to push for a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

Judge Kelley was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush, said Trump should have been more open about his intentions.

And he added: “There are perfectly good reasons to have this question, as it had been done before.”

Judge Kelley said he was surprised by President Trump’s decision and had expected the President to follow through on his threat to sign an executive order to force the citizenship question on the form.

President Trump’s decision not to push ahead with the Question came after the Supreme Court blocked his efforts to include it and as the government already had begun printing the census questionnaire without it.

“Everybody expected an executive order that was going to impose the citizenship question irrespective of the Supreme Court — I did not see a chance in the world that it would sustain,” Judge Kelley said.

Adding, it was “a pretty smart move.”

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