President Trump’s Border Wall is Under Construction

President Trump’s Border Wall is Under Construction

President Trump’s Border Wall is Under Construction

  • Promises made, promises being kept.

The 1st 14-mile section of President Donald Trump’s border wall along the US-Mexico border is under construction in San Diego at a cost of $147-M.

Construction started Friday at Border Field State Park in San Diego.

The wall will stand between 18 and 30 feet high, include an “anti-climbing” plate and replace over 14 miles of improvised border fencing built in the 1990’s out of scrap metal and re-purposed steel plates.

“The construction of this new substantial wall will improve overall border security, the safety and effectiveness of Border Patrol agents, the safety of the public, and will enhance the atmosphere for business and commerce in the area,” Chief of Customs and Border Patrol of San Diego Rodney Scott  told reporters.

US Customs and Border Protection’s Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello, said the start of the construction was an “important milestone” and will “upgrade our existing infrastructure in San Diego.”

“Under this President’s leadership, we have a renewed commitment to secure our border,” Mr.  Vitiello said.

“The new primary wall-project represents an important milestone in our work to secure the international border. Not only does it significantly upgrade our existing infrastructure in San Diego, it also marks the 3rd concurrent wall project in the US and reflects CBP’s unwavering commitment to secure our borders and protect our Nation.”

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